Album-a-Day is a Crap Art project. That means that it's a set of constraints (the rules below) which are meant to help you be creative. There are no special requirements to participate, and no expectations of quality. Embarking on the Album-a-Day project is a significant commitment of time, but I've found that it's pretty fun and rewarding!

To create an Album-a-Day, you record a piece of music following these rules:

  • It must be written, performed, recorded, post-produced, etc. all in one contiguous 24-hour period (preferably with no sleep break in there).
  • It must be at least 20 minutes or 30 songs. (many short songs tend to work better than long songs which drag on forever, trust me.)
  • Your band may have multiple participants, but they should not work on different songs simultaneously. (So just one song being worked on at a time.)
  • No ideas from before the chosen day! This means covers or reinterpretations are not allowed.
  • No out-takes! If you start a song, finish it and put it on the album.

    When you're done, you should upload the songs to the internet. If you have your own web space, that's great. If you don't mind releasing your work under a public license, try first, since users dont need to sign up to listen to your stuff, and they have really fast servers. Album-a-day regular Maxfield suggests, where you can you put your album up for free download and also sell CDs. (However, an AAD must be available for free to qualify!) If you upload your album somewhere and want to be listed here, let me know when it becomes available.

    We're famous! Don't miss the Article in SPIN about us or the 2003 Reuters article covering a number of crap-art-like projects.

    Here are some Album-a-Day projects which have been completed:

    (The count so far is: 388 registered albums-a-day!)

    Spastic Moose - Then Come The Chunks (not yet digitized) - This one was recorded right before my bandmate Sophia and I split for college in 1997. We didn't know it was an album-a-day at the time, but it counts!

    Tom 7 vs. Ultimate Warrior - Barmy Badger Backpackers (30 songs, 23:42) - This one was made by me and my roommate Don, and was the first conscious Album-a-Day effort. Mostly pretty embarrassing, but there are some gems, I think. (Scroll down and start with one of my more recent albums, please....)

    Tom 7 - Album-a-Day 2 (25 songs, 20:55) - My second project, about 6 months later. Though there are some good songs on this one too, my warning to stick with later albums still holds...

    Patrick Shaughnessy - Spongy (30 songs, 23:57) - This one is by a guy named pshaughn and his accordion. Reminds me of Music Tapes, sort of.

    Patrick Shaughnessy - Funeral Songs of Happy Cloudland (20 songs, ??) - Wow, a followup! Also by psaughn.

    Patrick Shaughnessy - Albumhack (20 songs, ??) - A third by Patrick! Multi-tracks and effects abound...

    Wum - In Many Houses & Trees (15 songs, 22:12) - Sophia's first album-a-day. Some US Maple influence, mostly good ol' Sophia. She has really sophisticated hardware and is good at this stuff, so hers sounds quite good.

    Tom 7 - Spacewalk Underway (18 songs, 20:00) - My third album-a-day. Very sing-songy; more introverted than my last two since I made it alone.

    Patrick Shaughnessy - Hypothesis 40 (40 tracks, 33:19) - Another extensive (!) effort from Patrick. He writes, "Produced over a grueling nineteen hours, this album contains several tracks that actually sound like real songs. I think."

    Maxfield - Plugged In (18 songs, 23:18) - Max made an album on 10 August 2001. Sounds like Ben Folds Five to me. Good tunes and many untitled.gif references! (PS. Max requests that I add a disclaimer similar to the one for my own first AAD, urging you to listen to his more recent albums first.)

    Tom 7 - type mismatch circularity (20 songs, 22:30) - My 4th album-a-day, featuring mostly guitar songs and more beats than usual.

    Tom 7 - Cybercrime Police Station (16 songs, 21:22) - My 5th album-a-day. Mainly more of the same, with some beats and home-brew plugin experiments ...

    Brackeen - Cartridge of Fun (14 songs, 21:06) - "i played drums in a band years ago, but since then hadn't done much musically besides fool around with a bass guitar and tap drum beats on my desk. so i went for it, and 16.5 hours later i had 14 amatuerish songs. some of them are really embarrassing, but there are quite a few i really like."

    Tom 7 - Operation Exemplary Behavior (15 songs, 20:53) - Another installment of bedroom indie rock courtesy of me. This one's a little topical, and has some misleading educational parts.

    Tom 7 - Table of Contents (15 songs, 20:03) - Yet another album (my 7th!). Due to circumstances mostly under my control, I took a break in the middle of this album, so that my 24 hours were not contiguous. How lame is that? This album gets -1,000 points for flagrant rules violation!

    Maxfield - The Day Won For The Unshaven (14 songs, 20:06) - Max's second album. This album comes with karaoke-mode!

    Tom 7 - Waves 100 Years (16 songs, 20:11) - Very law-abiding AAD to make up for my 7th one.

    Tom 7 - Testify in Hockey (15 songs, 20:14) - My 9th. I was shooting for 10 albums in by the end of 2001 but didn't quite make it. I made this one while I was home over the break with makeshift recording equipment.

    Maxfield - Dynamic Equilibrium (13 songs, 20:30) - Max is entering the Trilogy club with this one. It's got drum'n'bass, truly.

    Pault - Slicing the Mustard (10 songs, 20:02) - Fellow Pittsburgher Paul writes, "I'd been in a songwriting slump lately, so I decided to do this as sort of a calisthenic for the songwriting 'muscle.' I actually ended up with a few songs that I felt OK with playing in public. I tend to write a little longer than I've seen on the other Crap Art projects, but that's just the way I write... hope it doesn't get too dull."

    Tom 7 - East Key to Trip (15 songs, 21:23) - Finishing up my decathlon (185 songs, 3.5 hours!). Almost all detuned guitar stuff. I'm planning on a surprise for my next album...

    Pault - Pre-Emptive Followup (10 songs, 20:15) - In the music biz we call this Pault's "sophomore effort". I think the idea here is that he wrote this album before releasing his first.

    Wum - Los Caballos Poseen La Calle (8 songs, 22:00) - Sophia's second. This one is different every time you listen to it, I hear.

    Killjoy, FL - Wading in the Gloom (7 songs, 22:00) - Killjoy says, "Killjoy FL is a folktronica band which will probably dedicate itself entirely to AAD projects. This was the first attempt, and barely got finished in the 24 hour deadline. Some of the songs aren't so bad, some are. But writing, recording and mixing an album in 24 hours is not nearly as easy as one might think. Even one that sucks." They promise more, soon!

    Marm & Toc - Reentrant Uperiodic (14 songs, 22:45) - "Marm & Toc" is the new name for "Spastic Moose". Sophia and I only get together once or twice a year, and only for a few days, so I guess this will have to be the new format for our band. Anyway, this album rocks pretty good. Rock, rap, neotechnology. Tight 'n Sloppy style.

    Wing L. Mui - Improvised A Crapella (17 songs, 20:19) - Wing writes, "This whole project started at 1:15 PM and, not counting the lack of fast Internet resulting in slow upload, was finished, including the covers and this page, in seven hours. As the title implies, most of the songs here were improvised, sung without accompaniment of any sort, and are crap. To further the crappiness the equipment used for recording was a 5 dollar mic. Well, at least the lyrics are good. They are! Really! =)"

    Wing L. Mui - Love Songs With Sugar And Milk (12 songs, 20:00) - Back again! He writes, "My second album-a-day. Exactly twenty minutes long. It was more of a writing exercise since the writing of the lyrics took up the most time... Less silliness here than the other one though." Nice cover art.

    Jason Artman - Dodongo Dislikes Smoke (12 songs, 22:48) - Zelda fan Jason Artman has put together an album with it all: Nintendo Entertainment System, Ambient, Trance, Robert Plant impersonations.

    Cloud Street - A Tragic Life (13 songs, 20:02) - David from Tasmania recorded this electronica album while procrastinating over an exam. He's right, it does sound like Boards of Canada (but with his own nebular twist).

    Def Children In Area - Bitch Tits (10 songs, 22:00) - They write, "been together for roughly 24 hours. This was conceived, written, performed and produced within ten hours, and boy does it show. But hey ten tracks in ten hours...not bad, eh!!!!". This thing has "Parental Advisory" written all over it. NFAP!

    Maigin Blank - Illustration (12 songs, 21:52) - I really like this one, the lo-fi stuff and video game keyboards are just my kind of thing.

    Arthur Kamst - An Automatic One (9 songs, 20:40) - Arthur earns the unique distinction of being the first AAD artist to record two albums in two consecutive days. This is his second; he writes: "I started at 7:30PM and finished recording 11:30. Three of the guitar/vocals ones (Don Juan, Tight Noses, Cheddar Cheese (wich is too long and dull to my taste)) have lyrics that were improvised while recording. I'm quite happy with how this album turned out to be."

    Max and Ben - Jurassic Bomb (11 songs, 20:30) AAD Veteran Max writes, "This album was made in 15 hours on 7/14/02 with help from my cousin Ben, who shared the keyboard drum duties and provided some great (real) orff instrument playing, as well as some New And Interesting Instruments. This was the first time I got to use my newly-obtained Digital Performer 2.7, so it features some harmonies and other overdubs."

    Tom 7 - S-P-E-C-T-R-E (16 songs, 20:42) I keep saying that my next album will be something different, but what the hell -- while I've got the energy to keep cranking out the same acoustic bedroom rock, why not? Here's my 11th.

    Maxfield - Monograph (10 songs, 23:05) Max writes, "This is, as far as I know, the first ever 'concept' Album-A-Day. Created in a kind of woozy state two days after the removal of my 4 wisdom teeth, this album chronicles the entire experience, from finding out that the surgery was necessary, to recovering from it (which hadn't really happened yet but hey it's Crap Art). Crappy vocals were generously provided even though (and because) I could hardly open my mouth."

    Arthur Kamst - Requiem for the Western World (9 songs, 20:40) - Arthur says, "Finally, after two rejected categories (alternative and indie) for the song 'Dies Irae' (which now is enlisted in the Medieval category would you believe) my first Album a Day is online. I guess I earn my 1000 points for rules violaton too, as I didn't write the text of 'Dies Irae'; it's an exerpt of the Catholic mass. Learned my lesson I guess ;-). The first song, 'Borss' I dreamt just before waking up. Much crap, but 'Goldfish' (wich we now play in our band), 'In the end' and 'Visions' have become my personal favorites..."

    Taut Blue Quality - You Will Be Towed (17 songs, 22:52) - I got a new electric guitar and Heather helped me make this album. It's basically the same thing as the Tom 7 album-a-day series, except that there's electric guitars and a chick singing sometimes.

    Cloud Street - 20'05" Before Death (13 songs, 20:05) - David is back again and writes, "To celebrate the end of University forever, I created this album, unfortuately that's where all good feeling ended. After a (too) pretty album last time I wanted to make something messy and angry. To achieve this I wrote about a topic I feel terribly strongly about, the stupidity of people who insist on killing other people. Dictators, terrorists, right wing pro-war supporters all get my wrath cast upon them."

    Belly Wog - Peakin' Out Bruvva (11 songs, 29:07) - Dave writes, "Sorry I think I'm addicted, but this time I teamed up with a couple of my friends (Angus and Paul) who rose to the AAD challenge nicely. We've experimented a lot on this AAD, so what we've done is organise the tunes in crap-a-logical order with the best songs at the top." Right-o. I put the best songs at the top and bottom, too, so that you're forced to listen to the crap in-between.

    Arthur Kamst - Third (8 songs, 20:48) - Arthur joins the trilogy club, too: "here it is, my third album a day, just in time for the closing of the year. This time I got an FX-processor to experiment with. which resulted in some nice deformed guitar-sounds; I think 'Tear it Down' is the best song on it."

    Tom 7 - Image Gap Committee (15 songs, 20:55) - Another one from me. I think this one is really good; try it.

    team.lift - trucking (8 songs, 20:08) - This site's in shockwave, so be patient. It has a song called, "well, tom says I cannot have outtakes." Hehe.

    Maxfield - Total Process (11 songs, 20:20) - Veteran Max writes of his sixth album-a-day, "A more straightforward effort after my weird (but adorable) last one. Finished in about 15 hours (with one 20 minute dinner break [-1000 points?!]), this one features more drum 'n' bass stuff as well as the return of the Zube Tube(R)." You don't lose any points for a 20 minute dinner break, Max.

    (sub)lime spider - Where's My Bassline (10 songs, 20:04) Dave's fourth: "My old band-mate Hugh has been living overseas for the past three years and we thought that an AAD would be the perfect band re-union, and despite three years of diversified listening on both of our accounts we still made music that sounded incredibly like the stuff we used to make - maybe it was just force of habit."

    Tom 7 - Examine Machines and Enrich (16 songs, 20:13) I tried to make an album with no "filler" at all. That's hard when there are no out-takes, but anyway, I didn't make up words as I went along for any of these. I've come to really like this album, so check it out.

    Dave Dean - A World Without Words (6 songs, 20:23) Dave writes, "Written in twenty-three hours total, this is a seamless journey from song to song. Something along the lines of BT and Oliver Lieb mixed together, I guess. Definitely 'electronic' in nature, and mostly danceable."

    Maxfield - Altered Beats (6 songs, 20:34) Max, the second most prolific album-a-day artist, writes, "I'm pretty pleased with the way this one came out. The songs are more electronic, featuring my new sampler on the title track which is my most legitimately drum 'n' bass song yet. For the most part, the songs are a little more wandering and focused than on my other AADs."

    Arthur Kamst - Cheap Mics (9 songs, 20:03) Veteran AAD artist Arthur writes, "Tried to steer away from my standard kind of songs, in which I didn't succeed... ;-) I think it's got the first Dutch song in an Abum-a-day-album."

    Taut Blue Quality - Affinity Group (16 songs, ?) Taut Blue Quality is back! Some of these songs are kinda rushed, since all I really wanted to do that day was play my new Castlevania game. But there's some good stuff, too.

    Tom 7 - As a Deaf Ear (19 songs, 21:35) - This is my most experimental outing to date. That's because I made it with new "bonus" rules: I'm not allowed to listen to the songs as I'm writing them, or even hear myself play instruments or sing (I recorded a CD full of noise to play on headphones loud while recording.) Given the constraints I think it came out pretty neat, though.

    Michael J. Nelson - Elephant and Duck, Together at Last (15 songs, 20:07) - Michael--not the one from MST3K--writes, "Some of it is pretty tolerable, I think. Sounds rock-ish most of the time; lots of guitar, lots of Casio SK-1. Highlights include a Clash-sounding punk/reggae thing, some Jesus & Mary Chain-style feedback madness, and a nice little disco tune."

    Home For The Def - Open For Business (7 songs, 21:00) - Home reports, "This is Home For The Def's first AAD recording - recorded on Tuesday 9th July 2003 in under 12 hours (including time taken off for meals and about an hour when I went out and bought a new guitar!). It's a nice genre ride, moving from hip-hop, hardcore, cock-rock, acoustica, electronica, and quite a few different combinations of all that (which is more or less my normal style). I found it quite stressful, lyrics were very difficult - I usually work quite quickly (check my discography at for proof), but found that being forced to do it all in one day was quite hard. I feel like I should be describing it as building up my chops or something... "

    Ammegand - Crazyflakes EP (9 songs, 21:44) - EP my ass! Around here, 20-minute musical outings are called albums. Ammegand writes, "I made everything in fruityloops and the tracks are in chronological order. Alot of the tracks i started at a high bpm and gradually slowed them down while continuously tweaking them and fleshing out parts." (And also points us to an earlier, aborted album-a-day effort!)

    Tom 7 - Earthquake Glue (Doppelganger) (15 songs, 20:06) - This is a new kind of album-a-day. To do it, select an album you've never heard before (I chose Guided By Voices' upcoming "Earthquake Glue") and find a track list for it. Then, make an album with the exact same song titles (and imagined subject matter) as the original. Following my 13th, I intended this album to be wholly without filler, though A Trophy Mule in Particular comes close.

    Cephalad - Cutups Vol. 1 (40 songs, 23:12) - Gordon from Pittsburgh made this album in January but just finally put it up. Due to IUMA's maximum file size limit, it's presented as two ten-minute MP3s instead of one ultra-long megamix. He describes his music as, "... a potpourri of lo-fi techno/electronica, ambience/drones/noise, and other experiments, with a large number of samples strewn throughout."

    James Roberts - Am Aural Drooling (8 songs, 20:21) - James's Favourite bits: "the underwater Latino bit which happens halfway through 'Terms With It', the weird harmonies on 'Conservatory', and the 'what happens when I twiddle these knobs' bits on 'Mr Sun'." James's Unfavourite bits: "the discovery after finishing that I subconsciously copied the 'Inconsequence' guitar from Blur's 'Jets' and 'Increase' chords from Pachebel's Canon. (I think.)"

    Cephalad - Cutups Vol. 2 (40 songs, 27:20) - Another 40-song, two-mp3 suite. Gordon remarks, "This features many more solid beat-based instrumentals of a variety of moods and genres, as well as numerous ambient pieces. In terms of production and overall quality, I would consider this a great improvement over my last Cutups EP."

    Fewn - The New Collapse of The Fourth World (13 songs, 27:51) - A member of Fewn writes, "i have a band at school with some friends of mine called Blasting Trout Overbite. one day, we decided to form a new band called Fewn and write and record an entire album before the day was done, and we did just that. we wrote 13 songs and recorded them that day. we deemed the Fewn album a triumph, and promptly broke the band up (though we have done a few Fewn songs live). anyway, this was before we knew of the album a day project, but what we did fits all the criteria."

    40-16 - I'm Falling Down The Stairs (5 songs, 53:37) - "40-16 is a improvisational art-noise psusdu-ensemble, based out of what could be called Atlanta, GA. While I'm not sure this belongs here, it certianly falls well within the requrements, as it was created, start to finish, in less than 6 hours on August 14th 2001, live without any plans, overdubs, or taste. 40-16's second album is also a 24 hour effort, and will be posted...eventually. Furthermore, considering the nature of the psuedo-ensemble, it's entirely likely that most future albums will also be Album-A-Days."

    TNB AllStars - Evil Eyeball of Doom (7 songs, 24:07) - David of Cloud Street/Sub(lime) Spider writes, "Like my other AADs, this album marks a turning point in my life. I'm about to move to Japan to spend 12 months teaching English and exploring the country. Unlike my other AADs, this album was recorded 100% live with a full band. Myself and Bryony on Vocals, Angus on Ax, Andrew on keys, Norman, Tracy and Di on Horns, Richard on Bass and Gaylen on Drums. This was by far the most work I have put into an AAD and I'm very pleased with the result."

    Standpipe - Dark In The Park (9 songs, 21:58) - Chris writes, "This is a musical version of my adventures during the blackout on 14 August 2003 in New York City. I began writing at 10pm on 16 August and finished the piece at 9:30pm the next day."

    James Roberts - Album name: This Machine Does Not Accept Money (13 songs, 21:20) - James's semi-concept album: "All tracks are titled after signs seen in a Leeds shopping centre. Hence there's a consumer-culturey pick-and-mix of genres: drum & bass, dance, blues, glam rock, ambient, noise and psych. I'm pleased with it: the quality of songs and production is pretty consistent, and at eighteen hours' total creation time it didn't seriously derange my sleep patterns. Still no vocals though." Download the ones that start with "AAD2," which are spread over two pages.

    nothing nothings - Doppelganger: Frenzy (14 songs, 45:13) Nothing Nothings finished this one in just over 24 hours, but since it clocks in at a mammoth 45 minutes, it clearly makes the cut-off. This is our second "Doppelganger" album, this time for an album called Frenzy by a band named Split Enz. He's posted a track of excerpts for all of our attention-deficit listeners. Check the site for lots more info!

    WiL (aka TB) - Twos, Fives, and Tens (11 songs, 24:15) - WiL writes, "For my album-a-day project, which comes as I prepare to head to Germany for a number of years, I have written a one-man rock opera. An Eclectic mix of various electronica styles, rap, and various vocals done on my five-dollar mic. I tried to make this one listenable and I think I've suceeeded. Considering I had no outtakes, I think I did a pretty good job of avoiding having any crap songs, but you, the listener, must judge that for yourself."

    Tom 7 - Isabel "Refuses to Weaken" (18 songs, 20:53) OK, this only "concept" in this album is that I spent only 7 hours on it, total. Very little care was taken in the recording and mixing, but I think the songs are pretty good in general. My sixteenth.

    nothing nothings - Font of Wisdom (12 songs, 20:11) Here's another from Nothing Nothings. He describes it like this: "I threw away all my equipment and tried to [do] the indie bedroom alt-rock thing, but I think it came out more folkie kinda often." He gets -1,000 points for taking a break in the middle his 24 hours (for work, I guess), but gets +999 points because all his songs are named after fonts I made.

    The Opportunitystakes - Whoops! (12 songs, 20:06) - "This electronica/slop metal/bubblegum punk/cheesecore album was made in my dorm room in about 5 hours. All lyrics were improvised at the time of recording. Interestingly enough, it is the greatest work of high art in human history."

    Maxfield - Revolution Forever (10 songs, 20:16) Max says, "Here's my 8th. This one has a more indie rock kind of feel than the others because it features poorly played live drums (I happened to have a drumset at the house for the moment). Also, my good friend Jon Rodgers stopped by about halfway through to help out with some of the songs."

    nothing nothings - Suggest A Title (11 songs, 23:10) Nothing Nothings joins the elite few who have recorded a trilogy for the AAD project. He writes, "I invited my friends to give me song title suggestions; I got about 100. I pulled all my equipment out of the trash, went to housesit for a friend where I could play my (electronic) drums, and even went a little crazy with 'keyboards' (which is actually a guitar synth). I spent about 20 hours (and slept for 4 hours halfway throgh). Stylistically, it's all over the map; most noticeable is an attempt at a ska song."

    nothing nothings - Suggest A Title 2 (10 songs, 24:47) He says, "The day after I recorded 'Suggest a Title', I recorded another AAD, 'Suggest a Title 2', based on the same list of song title suggestions. For this sequel, I tried to stick more to guitar and avoid the synth-driven stuff. I also did something a little risky: I recorded the basic idea for all ten tracks first, without having any clue what song they were, and then went back through them and picked titles and wrote lyrics for them. (I had done this for a few songs on 'Suggest a Title', but not many.) In a few cases, this worked really well (I think 'Circle Girl' is one of the best things I've ever recorded). On the other hand, I think I was a little over-focused on making things sound good, not crappy (e.g., what was I thinking recording four tracks of the snare drum in 'Out of Service'?!?), and as a result, although I spent 21 straight hours on it, I ran out of time to write lyrics and record vocals for all the songs, so half of them ended up as instrumentals with rapidly dashed-off, over-extended guitar solos."

    The Darth Vader Farmers - The Revenge of Zemulust Pontoon (11 songs, 22:04) - Jason writes in the third person, saying, "Recorded in a manic burst of energy with depressing breaks in between, The Revenge of Zemulust Pontoon is the first album-a-day outing for Jason and Ryan but certainly not the last. The August 8th, a friday had been filled with both joy and pain, and so the album- featuring mostly acoustic instruments and found sounds- is a bit like a diary to the day that formed the Darth Vader Farmers."

    Maigin Blank - Mr. Drummond's Got a New Son (11 songs, ??) - Maigin writes of her second, "Finally! I got the second AAD that I made up and running (hopefully). This was recorded and made last year in Oct 2002 sometime, and I'm just happy to finally have access to upload it."

    Maigin Blank - Mother Superior (9 songs, ??) - And her third: "This is my favorite one. It was also recorded a few weeks after the second AAD in Oct/Nov 2002. I think it has the best 'songs' although they are kind of weird. I dont know what was in my mind when I made it. That's what's so great about 'producing', 'recording' and 'mixing' these albums in a day. You never know what you will end up making."

    Arthur Kamst - Bossano (9 songs, 20:43) - Arthur writes, "Started saturday 11 am, I finished my fifth AAD just in time sunday, at 10:30 am. That gets me -1000 points 'cause I had my sister visiting us saturdaynight, ate, and SLEPT in between songs 5 and 6. Oh well. What's worse, this one was meant as a Doppelganger of the Pixies' album Bossanova, but I ran out of time... so I finished it as a regular one with the songtitles sounding oddly familiar to some." You're free to spend the 24 hours any way you like, so there's no -1000 point penalty for sleeping. It's simply not recommended!

    Tim L - Tim L Album-A-Day Volume 1 (11 songs, 19:12) DJ Tim from South Africa writes, "This album was written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered, solo in just less than 23 hours; with no sleep break in-between. It just misses the 20 minute mark. I certainly hope that this does not count against me. I tried a mixture of short songs with the shortest track being 0:35 and the longest track being 4:41. Everything was done by yours truly. No ideas were chosen before the day, which I found encouraged the creative process. So what you are about to listen to is 110% original." Well, I'm pretty sure that Tim gets -1,000 points for not hitting 20 minutes, but, close enough!

    Adam Taylor - Singing Out Of My Range (9 songs, 21:00) Adam writes, "My first AAD project and I'm pretty pleased with it. I hope to get some bonus points for inclding a coconut as a percussive instrument. It didn't take me long to write but it always takes me a while to work out how to add to initial versions of songs. The mixing usually takes a while too. A fun experience, I encourage others to do it." OK, +3 points for using a coconut as a percussive instrument.

    Tim L - Album A Day Volume 2 (11 songs, 21:06) - Back for more, Tim writes: "This is my second effort and it went much smoother. I completed the project in just under 21 hours. I am really enjoying the creative challenge this provides to my talent. If I can analogize: It's like unpacking the attic in anticipation of finding something really interesting. I hope you enjoy it."

    Maigin Blank - Just A Name (10 songs, 20:30) - "A new one! I just finished it. It feels a bit rushed, but the neighbors were stomping so I dont think they were happy! I think the best songs are the 'groupie' ones and the rest are alot of keyboard ones. Still fun to do but I wish I could have continued to be loud!!!"

    nothing nothings - I M So Goofy (8 songs, 24:02) - Addict Sean writes, "I M So Goofy is my fifth AAD, written and recorded from 6:30am Saturday to 2:30am Sunday. This time around I wrote all the lyrics before anything else, so the song structures are a little tighter to the lyrics. I think I spent too much time on the lyrics, which is why I only got eight songs done. I do not recommend only writing eight longer songs--would you rather have the chance for a couple of gems or just one longer gem?"

    WiL aka TB - starlight:underscore (9 songs, 20:43) WiL is back for more and says: "AAD #2 for me. This one was liked a lot more than the other one. Track 07 inspired a very small southern california dance craze (the 'Jett Dance') which continues to this day. Other people claim to listen to track 03 looped for hours on end. One of my friends said, 'Well, one thing's for sure. Your album doesn't bore me.' SUCCESS!"

    WiL aka TB featuing One Legged Bunny - Bootleg (13 songs, 20:05) - But wait, there's more: "This was my third album-a-day in two weeks, when it was first completed maybe two months ago. This one is a total piece of crap art, done by me and a couple of my friends completely on a whim over the course of about forty-five minutes. This superior braindump is, as per precedent, done in reverse crap order, with the songs i deem least crappy on top, and the crappier songs on bottom. Some of this stuff is so messed up I can't even begin to describe how messed up it is to you. Just listen. I guarantee you won't be disappointed, if not a little disoriented."

    Quincunx - Listen Compute Rock Home (15 songs, 20:46) - Quincunx's first album, a doppleganger, was completed in 24 hours. "Most of the songs were done in a tracker (sequencer) program; a couple were made directly in the wave editing program. I did play the organ, mini electronic guitar, harmonica, nebulizer tube, etc., myself. (I used text-to-speech for the vocals, since, as I mentioned, my own voice is unsuitable.)"

    Zeke the Plumber - Album A Day (10 songs, 22:37) - All that Zeke cares to mention is: "Zeke the Plumber has no nose!!"

    Danalog - Things (14 songs, 22:02) - Danalog's clever twist: "Songs written using two music composition programs I've never used before. Two hours were spent finding and installing the programs, one hour each. Each individual songs written within the space of one hour, except for the two songs which were the first I created in a given program, which got two hours each, to give me more time to learn the program. One hour was spent in postprocessing, writing info, uploading, and submitting. Musical styles are all over the place, the main focus was experimenting with the programs and learning what was possible, and not in actual musical creation." His songs all come in one RAR file, so if you click, get ready to decompress!

    S/O - Unlit Cigarettes (6 songs, 19:21) - Shany writes, "this was our first AAD, main purpose was to kick shany in the butt, second purpose - explore our music abilties and get rid of that nasty critical sense." -1,000 points for not quite making it to 20 minutes, but good try!

    pia-muk - pre/post (6 songs, 20:20) - Pia says: "this was an extreme enjoyment for me. usually i spend way to much time on a song (longest was 3 months) and it always sounds over produced. i started this at 9:00pm, worked till 3:00am, and reconviened at 10:00am, finishing at 3:00pm. the songs are simple and direct, but to have a nice flow into each other. i hope you all enjoy this as much as me and my friends do, (they could just be being nice). they are reminiscent of electronic of yorn. i can notice a trans am influence."

    Tom 7 - GGGCAGGG (17 songs, 21:45) - Just another album-a-day from me. This one was a special present. Sorry about those levels...

    Steven Mon - Songs of Desperation and Despair (7 songs, 20:11) Steven writes: "This was a lot harder than I thought. I had this idea that I could churn out a song every 30 minutes, but it turned out to be 90 minutes. Most of the tracks were recorded with one take, and a couple of the songs were improvised while recording. After the sixth song, I was dead tired, and I kind of cheated with the last song, dragging it out to over seven minutes. Still, it was fun, and I came up with little bits and pieces I think I can use."

    Jason Irvin - Squeezing the Baby Envelope (10 songs, 22:28) Jason is back for his 2nd: "I decided to go solo (from the Darth Vader Farmers) on this album a day. It features a keyboard I borrowed from a friend of mine direct into my computer and recorded in Cool Edit. This album is ambient and noisy, giving it a Merzbow meets The Residents feel. Recorded 1-9-04."

    nothing nothings - Seven Sins, Seven Dwarves (12 songs, 30:04) - Lifer Sean gets a double deduction: -1,000 points for taking 26 hours and -1,000 points for the 3rd song being "sort of a cover." Fortunately, if we erase song #3 then it comes in at under 24 hours and over 20:00 minutes, cover-free. Let's just call #3 a "b-side," shall we?

    Tree Club - I Found Rock! (16 songs, 22:10) - "This is the first album-a-day by the world famous Tree Club. It was written, recorded and produced in 24 hours: from 9pm 30/01/04 to 9pm 31/01/04 (we slept in the middle, so it was actually completed in something like 14 hours). I think this album successfully chronicles how very strange the members of the Tree Club are, and I think you'll agree when you listen."

    Watzo - This Any Day (7 songs, 20:17) - First timer Watzo says: "I decided to participate because I usually write/record one song per month, so I could use a little extra drive." That's the spirit!

    pia-muk - 1+ - (20 songs, 20:00) - Coming in at just on the nose, pia-muk writes: "Here it is, my 2nd a-a-d. This was an experiment in which to see the degredation of a single note layered with a one plugin per song. The songs are named after the plugin used respectively (some of which are Tom's creation)."

    pia-muk - thirty songs in thirty seconds - (30 songs, 0:30) - Participating in "The Crunch," pia-muk writes, "This one i made during one+. i wanted to push the rules of a-d-d to the limit. this album (along with one+) was made in 5 straight hours." It's actually our first album that only qualifies because of the number of songs rather than the length.

    pia-muk - thirty songs in fifteen seconds - (30 songs, 0:15) - Brevity nut pia-muk says: "thought i'd try it again a little shorter this time. theres a bit of a structure to this one. track 31 is all of the songs mixed (it wasnt working out quite the way i wanted it to individualy). am i overdoing this? enjoy!!!"

    Whimsical Fetus - The In-Out, In-Outs of Whimsical Fetus - (4 songs, 27:33) - The mysterious and anonymous Whimsical Fetus writes, "We are pretty. And we wear make-up. And our breasts are the super large. You will stare at us and we will hypnotize you with our musical jigglings. We live in small rooms. Attach ourselves to the walls of your favorite Bolliwood super star. He plays the drums. I play the synth. And we give out free hugs. This album is about free hugs."

    Whimsical Fetus - The Leg's Urethra - (6 songs, 31:32) - For an apt description of their tunes, read the included blurb: "We sat around in a garage overloading a synth and this cat kept looking at us meowing. A soft little coo of a meow, it reminded me of Skeeter from Nickelodeon's Doug. Once when I ordered a Meatmen album from a respected online music dealership they sent me XTC's 'English Settlement' instead. I think I still have some pent up anger about that. Word is Bond. I've named every single one of my instruments after John Henry, the steel driving man. This album was recorded in one night back last summer. Every child has an August of 2003. This album is dedicated to those that respect the broccoli, and tame the cauliflower."

    pia-muk - north avenue, apt. 2 (2 songs, 18:51) - Addict pia-muk writes, "bummer, this one comes in 1 minute under the limit. i recorded this one about 4 years ago when i used to smoke alot of pot. it was recorded in a winter evening in the y2k to a tascam porta-7 using a korg polysix, korg electrovibe, roland drum machine (i think), boss tremolo and a fender strat pluged in direct from a fender combo amp. i was listening to a lot of sonic boom's stuff then (e.a.r., spaceman 3) and it shows. good times and lonely places." -1,000 points for not making it to 20 minutes!

    Grinding Apathy - Right places, strange trash (11 songs, 24:17) - First timer Mark, who read about us in Newsweek(!), writes: "I had planned to work for the whole 24 hours but during the time the songs became stranger and stranger. After 21 hours, when I had finished a song that sounds like a soundtrack for a fictitious C64 computer game I realized it was time to stop. For the most part the songs are pure crap but at least they sound very obscure and therefore I like them somehow. And overall the album has a rather dark atmosphere and is really varied so I think despite all it's deficits it has some right to exist." There is a whole ".com" devoted to this album, apparently.

    The Cast-iron Geronimos - The Lowland Sessions (12 songs, 30:20) - Spokesman for the Geronimos writes, "The collaboration of two great bands and five great minds. Covering most genre's of music. Pushing the boundaries of possibility even further. The Conversation and The Generalissimos invade and conquer Devon for the good of music!"

    Feldspar - Between and Among Friends and Strangers (17 songs, 24:35) - "Feldspar's first album. Guy and guitar acoustic folk stuff. An experiment in cognitive dissonance, mostly. Songs without structure, words without sentences. I started with seventeen improvised-at-random acoustic guitar tracks, each between one and two minutes long. They took a total of fifty-one minutes to record. I took a break to go to work, then came back, wrote lyrics, then, after a nap, recorded the vocals. Then I uploaded. I had a bunch of fun, too!"

    Tlogmer - 2 cigarettes (14 songs, 34:15) - "The first 20 minutes of Two Cigarettes were recorded in one fell improvisatory swoop around 1 a.m. on March 3rd (very quietly, so as not to wake my housemates, though the mic being next to the speaker helped the keyboard come through). I spent the next 2 hours dividing it into tracks (1 through 11) and giving them mildly pretentious titles, then took a picture of myself smoking a cigarette and went to bed. On waking I decided that the the second Oasis cover, as well as not being strictly allowed, was really fucking bad, and improvised another 4 minutes (tracks 12-13). Then I took a picture that didn't make me a diseased buffalo and played around with it in Paint Shop; it's desktop size and looks a bit like I'm lighting myself on fire (like a cigarette; get it?) Finally, around 1 p.m., I recorded Dr. Robotnik battles the forces of neutrality."

    Whimsical Fetus - Instant Instructions For Those Who Follow No Master (6 songs, 21:02) - Whimsical Fetus strikes again: "Alex Trebek is known for walking around the set of Jeopardy with a button that says 'Pat Sajack Looks Like a Badger.' That is what this album talks about on a visceral level. The perverse, voyeuristic pissing contest between these two giants of the Merv Griffin empire. On the cerebral level, this is an album speaks to those who want to live independently from all rules and regulations, from those written in the law books, to those that are 'innately' attached to us from birth. This album presents the listener with a strict guideline of regurgitations and rools to reach disattachment and disenfranchise their business from the corporate monopoly that threatens to touch each and every one of us in our 'no-no zone.' This was all done solo because all of my friends are married to corruption."

    Quincunx - Crystal Aegis Prototype (23 songs, 21:48) - Quincunx toots his imaginary horn: "Quincunx went to amazing lengths for this album. He traveled from Maine to Finland to track down one of the few remaining prototype cartridges of an unreleased game from 1989, made for a rare console few people even remember, let alone own. Using an incomplete ROM dump from the damaged cartridge, obscure software, raw determination and brute force, he failed to compile a fully functional version of the game, but he did manage to extract much of the game's 8-bit soundtrack. Unbelievable, isn't it?"

    nothing nothings - Sudden Cabin Decompression (10 songs, 20:28) Sean reports: "My seventh AAD and first entirely instrumental one, Sudden Cabin Decompression was rushed out in 4 hours to help me decompress for the one day I had between running this year's Crap-Art-esque Indie Game Jam and attending a conference. It's pretty crappy, although it offers lots of tritones and funny time signatures, if that bloats your moat."

    Whimsical Fetus - Three Points (3 songs, 24:42) - "You know, gang, when you're a noise artist, you never know where the day will take you. You may find yourself strung out in a urine pool of true-to-life living. Or you may find yourself going down to the store for a lozenge. I've witnessed small apes slapping each other on the chest in outrageous displays of bravado. I once bought and drank an entire can of coconut milk before residing into my thinking lab for a few hours of creative expulsion. I have even parallel parked poorly and didn't worry about getting a ticket or my car scratched. So why face the risk of uncertainty every time you pick up your electronic devices? BECAUSE! You gotta soak in that urine, you gotta suck that lozenge! 'Cause if you don't ... who will?" I think Whimsical Fetus will!

    Niall Moody - The Outside World (13 songs, 21:25) - First-timer Niall Moody writes, "I ran out of time pretty quickly and ended up using more electronic sounds than I'd intended, out of convenience. I don't think it's too bad, but track 9's pretty terrible."

    pia-muk - bludgeoning the witness (5 songs, 20:10) - Regular contributor pia-muk writes: "One long eye burning 20 hour in front of blinking lights and precariously placed 1's and 0's acting as analog synth. Geeks note: reason 2.5, fruity loops 4 (song 4 only) nuendo 1.6, sound forge 7, cool edit pro 2; various plug-ins; izotope ozone and waves ultramaximizer+ for mastering. no midi whatsoever. all carpal tunnel inducing point and click. too jobless for musical insturment digital interface. (all song titles are quotes from serial killers. that outta get yer juices flowin')"

    Jason Irvin - The Buzz: 90's Alternative Hits (11 songs, 20:01) - Jason, just squeaking by the twenty minute mark, describes his album as follows: "A piece of primarily computer generated noise that calls to the nostalgia of the grunge era. Each song intends to your love of the songs they are named after without having anything to do with them. Pick up your flannel and write 'i heart kurdt' on your favorite cons, because it's The Buzz. Recorded on 4-4-04, the first day of daylight savings."

    Charlie Crane - Crap Art (8 songs, 27:06) - Submit form minimalist Charlie Crane writes only that he began at 8:00 and finished at one minute after midnight.

    Danalog - ckt3 (2 songs, 20:12) - Second timer Danalog writes, "Started at 1 PM April 21, finished 8 AM April 22. Written while trying to recover data off my crashed main music hard drive. Since I lost almost all my samples, I had to find a different source, so I used SBaGen. Wrote the first song, had a good night's sleep, and then wrote the second."

    berkano - super carbohydrate man (12 songs, 21:20) - Sprinter berkano writes, "This only took an hour and a half (helped in no small part by my Casio's auto-harmonisation & auto-accompaniment). And it shows. All the tracks were improvised and recorded in one take. And it shows. Although it might be unbearable, the album sounds best if you listen to the tracks in order - there is a vague structure to it. Look out for 'mandelbork' and 'more questions than answers', they're my favourites. Most of the titles were inspired by phrases I found in a local newspaper."

    WiL aka TB - Project 17 - Sherman Takes a Trip (18 songs, 1:03:02) - Rule-breaker WiL admits, "This AAD does not as strictly follow the guidelines as the others listed here. Rick Veitch, one of the original creators of the 24-hour comics, did his comic in 'short creative periods over a number of days totaling no more than 24 hours.' In that spirit, then, was this album done. The final product did in fact take a little more than 24 hours, but the project is the length equivalent of three albums-a-day, and it took far, far less than 72 hours over the course of the couple weeks worth of mornings that the work was accomplished. I'm rather proud of this one, myself." A couple of weeks!? That sounds like -1,000,000 points to me!

    Acrnym - Life Is Too Short To Listen To Records (9 songs, 20:07) Apparent 'enlightened' contributor Acrnym writes of his first album: "21SSST CENTURY COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY!!!!!! This took about two or three hours out of my day to make. It sounds a bit uninspired, but my little sister likes some of the songy songs. Some of it is noisyz for the boisyz. LOLSIEYZ!!!! Encoded into CRUNCHY LITTLE MP3S OF VARYING BITRATES! For your downloading convenience! Less of a dissappointing waste of time when you find out that these little beeps and gameboy camera and guitar experiments were not worth the hassle! !!"

    Jute Gyte - Jennifer (4 songs, 20:52) - "For my first AAD I decided to try mixing harsh electronic noise with sludgy doom metal. I chose the Splatterhouse game series for inspiration because I thought the miserable atmosphere of the series lent itself well to the genres. I think it turned out well. Recorded 04/28/04."

    pia-muk - space travel for acrophobics (5 songs, 21:30) - AAD Regular pia-muk gives the following brief implementation details: "primary sound: moog modular v; additional implications: reverb compression."

    Blue Lang - Beautiful Lunchbox (6 songs, 20:00) - Blue Lang comments: "Eighteen hours start to finish, no breaks. Played all the instrument. Only drum machine is what was used for a click track and later left in. Only sample is a fucking White Stripes song added because I was 8 seconds short. I wanted to do an AAD that was an album with actual songs and singing and whatnot, even tho I suck at both singing and songwriting. It was also a really good studio exercise for just getting my crap together and doing that much recording all at once. 'President' and 'Goals' are everyone's fave so far.."

    Glenn Case - Keeping the doctors away (6 songs, 20:04) - First-timer Glenn writes: "This was a lot of fun. It took roughly 10 hours and 35 minutes to make. All of the information should be easy to see from the site." He also promises lyric links and 'more evened out volumes' soon.

    charcoal - Don't go golfing (6 songs, 20:38) - Another visitor from Songfight! writes: "First shot at an album-a-day; turned out to be a fun challenge. Pulled six titles out of a random phrase generator, and 24 hours later, this is what I'd come up with. Could probably have used more time, but I think it has its moments of okayness. For style, think slow, electric guitars with off-key singing and drum beats where they don't belong. Lyrics are all on the web-site, and I kept a running diary of what I was doing for the day, which also might make for interesting reading."

    Jim Tyrell - Yard Sale (8 songs, 21:30) - SongFighters are (not surprisingly, based on the name) very interested in battle. Jim merely remarks: "Yet another SongFighter throws his hat into the ring."

    David Swain - Fish Bowl (7 songs, 20:03) - Dave says: "I wrote, recorded and mastered all 7 tracks on Tuesday in about 10 hours. The styles range from song to song. I have everything from blues to heavy metal to dark acoustic ballads to guitar/techno music. They are all instrumentals because I cannot sing, but they hold up by themselves fairly well. I used Soundforge and Madtracker ( to compose and write all the songs. I especially like the tracks 'You Can Tell,' 'Ashes' and 'Heroes for Ghosts.' I hope you enjoy the songs and it was a LOT of fun doing this in such a restricted amount of time. I will never forget doing this."

    15-16 puzzle - Traditional Classes Don't Work (13 songs, 20:32) - Sometimes people make AADs and then don't even tell me about them, but I find them by some other means. This is one of those.

    Avarice - Stickin' It To The Man 24-7 (8 songs, 22:14) - They took a break from stickin' it to write: "This is our first attempt at an Album-A-Day or any album at all. As a result, it is not exactly the finest accomplishment in the history of musical history."

    Andre was here at midnight - stream of subconcious thoughs on a friday (10 songs, 24:53) - Andre says: "it was late, i was board.. and i though to do an Album a day where i just hit record and start singing about anything thats in my mind. unfurtunaly it did not come out like that. even though most of the songs where ad lib vocally, i'd try to polish anything i though was worth it." He also has offered his flash AAD browser for anyone who wants to use it.

    Heuristics Inc. - a very serious crime (12 songs, 21:04) - "This is an album-a-day project by Heuristics Inc. I took some inspiration from Brad Sucks, and combined it with inspiration from SongFight! and decided to do an album where I had to get all the song titles (and the album title) from spam emails that I had in my spam-box on the same day as the project. It turned out to have an actual story that runs through the songs, so see if you can tell what's going on. Let me know what you think of it! Took 15:36 to finish."

    c hack - AAD (24 songs, 42:30) - Newbie c hack submits a fairly hard-core attempt: "24 songs, 24 hours. Begun at dawn on June 20th (the longest day of the year) and finished by dawn on June 21st. I got 3 hours of (mostly accidental) sleep, and ate 10 Newman's O's and a small bowl of noodles and beef. Aside from that, the whole time was spent on this project." Believe it or not, nobody has done a 24 song album up to this point.

    Blind Mime Ensemble - Six On Sunday (6 songs, 22:19) - "Blind Mime Ensemble is the home recording plume thing for Bryan Baker. Several folks at had been talking about doing one of these things so I figured I'd give it a shot too. Turned out to be harder than I thought, but I made it. Napping doesn't help. Whiskey does. Writing lyrics for 6 songs is tough, but it gets easier once delirium hits. Sweet, sweet delirium. Shouting gets rough as well. I resorted to milk for My Addiction. Also it's a good idea to know that drumming after midnight is gonna lose you some points with the neighbors probably. Not that it matters."

    Feldspar - Playing Nuclear Bingo (14 songs, 20:18) - Feldspar says, "This is my second album-a-day. It is about puppets. We're all puppets, you know. Men and women, children, teachers, doctors, mailmen, all, everyone, all puppets. I'm a puppet, too."

    John Ingram - Oh Crap, What Have I Gotten Into? (7 songs, 22:29) - "um. well I got about 5 hours into the project when it suddenly dawned on me that I wanted to go do something else. so I struggled through another 2 hours to finish up 7 instrumental sketches. 6 of these were meant to have vocals in some capacity. alas my attention deficit disorder would not allow it. so I left them as they were. I'll admit to sleeping and stopping long enough to take my wife to the OB/GYN (it's a boy, fuckers). total time from start to upload: 22 hours." Thanks for sticking it out.

    Starfinger - Ho! (9 songs, 21:00) Starfinger only reports that he "desperately needed to do this."

    Jon Eric - Teenager (4 songs, 15:18) Rulebreaker Jon writes: "I know it's below the required length, but I had some extinuating circumstances (damn surprise party wasted four hours), and the worst you can do, I reckon, is refuse to host it, right? I worked really hard on it, and I'm pleased with the results, more or less. I promise to have another one that actually does meet the requirements in one week's time." That's not the worst, Jon, you can get -5,000 points!

    Jim Tyrrell - Hey You (9 songs, 20:30) Jim says: "This is my second Album-A-Day, recorded on 6/20/04. I was trying to keep pace with c hack's '24-songs-in-24-hours' challenge, but I couldn't make it. That said, this one went a lot smoother than the first, and I'm happier with the results."

    The Tiny Paws of Fury - The Noble Art of the Knob Gag (11 songs, 22:50) The tiny paws write, "On my third attempt, I managed to get over my AAD ADD and finish one! Total time 16 hours and 4 mins. One hour mixing to mp3. It features lots of bad language and depraved ideas, so I guess it's parental advisory, in the sense of 'advise yr parents to leave the room'. Music - Cabaret Voltaire meets Badly Recorded Acoustic Folk, with kazoos. And out-of-tune yet strangely charming crooning. Words - hehehe. Songs about smoking, taking drugs, clowns, science fiction, twisted priests & Hall & Oates. Business as usual!"

    High Density - The 4th of July (9 songs, 20:04) True Patriots "High Density" write, "Some people spent Independence Day picnicing, drinking, and watching fireworks. We spent Independence Day recording this damn album. We hope you like it."

    Jon Eric - Words (9 songs, 23:43) - A repentant Jon writes, "I promised I'd have a real one in a week. So one week from my dismal failure, out pops this. The cover art is a detail of a painting by my late grandmother. Hope someone out there enjoys this."

    Chuck Larish - Things Go Well (20 songs, 20:56) - Chuck, who knows how to use company resources, writes, "This is really an AAWD (Album-A-Work-Day). I work in the audio department for a childrens' multimedia publisher. Things have been a little slow, so to keep myself sane I wrote these songs between 12:00 and 17:00 on 07/08/04. The miniscule amount of post-production took place on 07/09/04 between 08:30 and 11:30. Even with a couple of projects rolling in I was still able to complete this in the 24 hour period."

    Niveous - The Scattershot (7 songs, 20:20) - "The Scattershot is lo-fi acoustigoth punk antifolk with themes ranging from werewolves, columbine-esque killers, suicide, overdoses, broken friendships, masochism and the space race. It was a very hard project to do as I had very little time to work on it. But it was a worthwhile venture. Thanks to Johnny Cashpoint, Andrew was Here at Midnight, Fishboy Rex and everyone else who helped me with this album. Get out your headphones and I hope you enjoy it."

    Maxfield - Pendulum (11 songs, 21:00) - Max is back again: "Here's #9, recorded 6/19/04. This is a kind of electronic backlash to my mostly live last album featuring extensive use of my sampler. It has a kind of 'time' theme and a general weirdness loosely tying everything together."

    nothing nothings - Once More From Personal Experience (8 songs, 22:37) - Our friend Sean writes, "This is my eighth AAD. You know what? I spend way too long writing lyrics for these, given that what comes out at the end is incredibly stupid even if it rhymes carefully. I guess I've gotta work on that. My favorite songs are front-loaded, although my vocals are as weak as ever. Also, much like my last AAD with vocals (my seventh was a throwaway four-hour instrumental thing), one of the songs is sort-of a cover. I know I shouldn't do this, but I get song title suggestions from friends, and 'The Hobbit Mafia', when I thought about it, really seemed to demand a particular reading, although I dunno how many people will get the joke. (As before, I didn't actually listen to the song I was 'covering', so the music isn't actually the same, just inspired by.)"

    King Arthur - Dreams To Be Won (6 songs, 23:??) - Another Songfighter checks in with an AAD: "Recorded July 9, 2004, from 6:00 am to 9:30 pm. on an 8-track home studio, using Band In A Box, real guitars and voice and a few synth flutes and strings to get a full band sound. Songs are about... whatever was on my mind that day, I guess..."

    Tom 7 - Fake Mars (18 songs, 20:33) - After a long break I'm back with my 18th solo album. Man, none of you guys will ever catch up to me. I like this one pretty good, although I had a bad habit of winding down at the ends of songs--even though they're only about a minute long.

    feldspar - Crush! (16 songs, 20:12) - Feldspar says, "Making every attempt to catch up to Tom7. Three AADs down, fifteen to go. Got my work cut out for me. This album was fun to make because it's really really hot in my studio right now and I was afraid that if I turned on the fan then it would ruin the pristine quality of the recording. Also I spilled chocolate milk on my guitar amp."

    reg - burn vitcums dreem comas (1 song, 30:28) - One song wonder "reg" describes this simply as "Improvised music with some friends of mine. drums, guitar and modified synth and piano."

    Jute Gyte - The Burning Path (5 songs, 20:52) - Regular Jute writes, "This is my second organic AAD (the first being Jennifer) and fourth overall (I have 12 completed AADs collecting dust on my hard drive). I had been listening to a lot of hard, screaming punk, and decided to attempt to emulate it while using only a very minimalist percussive palette (two drum loops recorded by songfight cover artist dude Bortwein). Some of it sounds a little like sloppily-played black metal. The production is intentionally shoddy. I like this album a lot."

    jcreed - Meat-Seeking Missiles (8 songs; 24:06) - First timer jcreed says, "My first long-overdue attempt at doing an AAD. I just pretty much sat down and improvised, though a few tracks are multiple passes. There's definitely a bunch of rythmic glitches, but I'm pretty happy with it. My favorite tracks are 'Intoxopower' and 'I Guess We've Solved All Problems'." This album is in MIDI format so you can download it all in like 3 seconds!

    jcreed - Truly, All Robot #7JQ Requires Is Love (7 songs; 21:03) - Almost immediately after I posted his first album, jcreed adds: "I couldn't help it; I started playing some stuff while I was doing laundry and I couldn't stop. Album-A-Day 2 is here for your enjoyment or scoffing or what-have-you. Tracks 2, 3, and 6 are somewhat carefully put-together multi-track affairs. The rest are one-off improvisations. 1, 2, 4, and 6 are my favorite."

    jcreed - Seek Him Who Shall Stand and Defend Western Music Notation (2 songs; 21:38) - At this rate, I'm doomed.

    Peter Toth - Agenturen (7 songs; 19:22) - Peter writes, "'Agenturen' is my first attempt to do an Album-a-day. I failed to comply to the rules, as the process took a bit over 25 hours (due to technical problems, sleeping break etc.) and the total length is only 19.22 minutes. I'm quite happy with the results, anyway. Better luck next time! 'Agenturen' was created using a tiny Casio SA-3 keyboard, a guitar and a computer. The songs are in Swedish and Hungarian." -1,000 points for not making it to 20 minutes!

    MC Poncho - Poncho and Spooch's Big Album o' Fun (8 songs, 21:18) - "Well, this turned out much better than I thought it would. I find it funny that Spooch and I considered inspirations and something wrong here to be the masterpieces of the album, and the big hit to be the joke catchy song. Ironically, more people like the big hit, and pressure, than any other tracks. Oh well. I still think it turned well."

    Peter Toth - Case study: Beta (11 songs, 21:34) - "I think I'm becoming addicted.. This one contains slightly less electronica than 'Agenturen' did. More guitars and thematic explorations. I'm having a terrible cold, which lends my voice some special, um.. timbre. The songs are in English and Swedish."

    pia-muk - muksys (13 songs, 24:38) - Pia-muk says, "after finishing my first attempt at circuit bending a speak and read, i recorded this in one shot. signal flow: bent speak and read - digitech dsp128plus multi effects processor - edirol ur-80 usb recording system input 1 - usb 2.0 - dell optiplex gx270 - cubase sx mono audio channel set at 48kHz 24bit broadcast wave - psp vintage warmer: knee boost @ 30 - eq boost +6 @ 20-500, eq drop -4 @ 500-5k - exported @ 41.Hz 16 bit stereo - cool edit pro 2.0, converted to 192kbps @ 41Hz 16bit stereo CBR improv divided into 13 songs for convienence."

    WiL aka TB - In Praise of Dead Girls (7 songs, 21:11) - Regular Wil writes, "Done hastily but methodically. That noise at the beginning is my best representation of what I hear in my head whenver the lights are turned off. I have synesthesia which in my case means I hear colors and feel sounds. Other synesthetics have different brain wiring troubles, such as every letter on a page being a different color, and so forth. This just happens to be my nightly curse, which is perhaps the cause and certainly an agitator of my insomnia. Starting with that sound, I went with the idea of sleep and dreams, and came up with a concept album with ambiguous transitions between an ambiguous number of songs, hence the one big mp3. enjoy."

    Avarice - Recorded Entirely Barefoot (5 songs, 26:28) - Riding the tail end of the Labor Day Weekend crowd, Avarice write: "Our second AAD is undoubtedly an improvement on the first production-wise, in that it actually plays from both speakers. Musically, it is probably an improvement as well. The title is true. Also, our first recording of Another Space In Time was wiped out by a lightning-storm induced power cut, so clearly, God is no fan of ours."

    jcreed - Comme On l'Aime (5 songs; 22:09) - Jason writes, "The titles are all phrases I saw in French advertising materials while in Montreal. The first three were at McDonald's, all part of one sticker, which the cover is a photoshopped version of, the fourth was a poster in the subway, and the fifth at Burger King. I really love the pun between the letter M and 'aime.' Those wacky Francophone typographers! The audio quality is really bad, but I'm pretty happy with actual music on this one, especially on the title track."

    Zen Tormey - Musical Vomit (23 songs; 1:29:44) - First timer Zen writes, "So I locked myself in my room for 9 hours and recorded 24 tracks of randomness with my Roland. Some of it sucks, some of it is all right, but the mixdown (track 00) of all 24 tracks at once is somewhat interesting. This is all instrumental, I can't sing. I kept everything I did, (even the one where I played for 39 seconds before being interupted by someone knocking on my door), and did everything in one take (except track 15, which is 15, 16, and 17 mixed together). This is my first AAD project. This stuff is mostly piano and strings with a few exceptions."

    Future Boy - The Hotel Apartment (9 songs; 20:17) - Future Boy says, "This was created in approximately 8-9 hours. The song titles were used as search strings in Altavista's audio search function to find source material for each track. Some of the 'found sounds' were left unaltered, but some were edited and processed so much as to become completely unrecognizable. The resulting collage songs, I think, reflect quite well the mental condition of someone who has had to live in a hotel room for 4 weeks without a job and, until very recently, without a computer."

    pilesar - no good for eyeballs (7 songs; 24:56) - Jason AKA pilesar contributes this album that he "threw together last week."

    jcreed - On the Breeding Edge (20 songs; 45:53) - Jason drops this lengthy number on us, writing, "Jesus. I was using some different software than before for MIDI recording, and I understood the ruler it had in its interface to be measuring seconds. But no, it was measures. And at 120bpm 4/4, that's two seconds a measure. So an album that was meant to barely sneak past 20 minutes barely snuck past 40. No wonder my hands are so tired. Well, I can also blame practising the crazy finger-over-thumb 5/4 shit in 'Cello Kat' for part of it."

    We Are Gloucester - Bathing In Welfare (9 songs; 20:08) - "This was an experiment with completely vocal music. Everything on here is created with my voice, and special computer audio trickery. No instruments. No other band members. Just my awesomeness. Rock."

    jcreed - Modal Logic (8 songs; 20:55) - "This was supposed to be some experimentation with modal jazz, but I lost track of the theme somewhere around track six, I think."

    Feldspar - Welcome to Iceland (15 songs; 23:33) - Lifer Feldspar writes, "There is a little bit of Iceland inside all of us, and that is what this album is about. This is my fourth album-a-day. It was recorded under the influence of cherry Jones soda and a Quiznos chicken carbonara sandwich."

    The Fuck Up - Homemade Bling Bomb Songs (13 songs; 24:26) - An over-caffeinated Liam writes, "I did it in exactly 24 hours, every second maxxed upon and translated back into a vomit of unbridled smacked up gabba killcore pornslutfuckedinthehead mp3's for sick fucks like me and my wretched existence for vengeance. I know, I'm insane, but an'it great!"

    Max and Ben - Slide Show (9 songs; 24:00) - Completing his own decathalon, Max writes, "This is my second collaboration with my cousin Ben, made 7/23/04. Ben is really good with his equipment so it was recorded quite well. An organic mix of live and electronic elements. Check it out!"

    The Fuck Up - Back With A Vengeance (13 songs; 22:27) - "I suffered for this one, the sleep deprivation mixed with caffeine and cigarettes, gave me, once I finished this album and had slept in bed for a few hours, dementia, causing me to wake up screaming for 10-20 minutes. Stress in other words on my system, awake for over 30 hours with a non-stop supply of the above. Not good but regardless, it's a fine album. I've got to respect my limits otherwise I'll blow my brains out of fear."

    Cephalad - Cutups Vol. 3 EP (20 songs; 20:49) - Cephalad is back, and writes, "Part 1, with 10 songs, is the more placid side of this AAD project. Part 2, which also has 10 tracks, is more heavily reliant on beats. Styles range from light IDM ('Warp Fever Fit') to hyperspeed, sample-driven techno ('299 Pennies,' 'Gray Sand Fury Tank') to ambient/noise compositions ('Dream For Minutiae,' 'There's the Scare')."

    Heart Shaped Robots - ChromeCoalCobalt (8 songs, 21:00) This first-time robot writes, "Since finding out about the AAD project I'd been waiting nearly 3 weeks for a free 24 hours to really bash something out. Eventually though, I just decided to try cranking something out on a day I had to work. This did get me to move things along pretty quick, but while I spent well under 7.5 hours recording I did go slightly over the 24 hour limit. I know the rules, so I'll be a man and take the -1,000 points for not getting it all right my first time out."

    Danalog - 1018 (10 songs; 20:10) - Danalog writes, "Started at 6:30 PM October 18th, finished 6:22 PM October 19th, just under the wire. Named 1018 initially after the date, and then to keep the trend I named all the songs after error codes in various programs. Listening order is unspecified." Available only as a convenient RAR file.

    Heart Shaped Robots - Interstellar Discussion (doppelganger) (15 songs; 22:30) - Second-timer HSR writes, "This is a doppelganger of Jandek's Interstellar Discussion in honor of his live performace(!) at a Scottish festival last week. Making an AAD to the doppelganger rules was an interesting challenge/handicap to the time stipulation. It made for some neat departures, although I had to make about half-dozen more pieces than I really wanted to and left a couple things as instrumentals I'd have liked to write some lyrics for."

    Thumbs Down - 100% Grade F Filler Vol. 1 (18 songs; 20:04) - These Thumbs write, "I believe I did not infringe on your rules in any way, except that I realized after the fact that track 6 sounds a little like tequila (totally unintentional), and track 18 was inspired by bjork's latest album (but in no way is it a cover - besides who could actually cover bjork?) At any rate, this was a lot of fun to make, and I'd like to thank you for coming up with such a great idea. it really made me work until i wanted to die - which is a good thing now and then. A few of the tracks are completely embarrassing, and ordinarily i would never show them to anyone, ever, but hey, no outtakes, right?"

    Garbage Eater - Yeshua (10 songs; 22:53) - Mbeanis N. Alzin says, "Not intended as an AAD, but surprisingly close to meeting regulations. Written and recorded one night and the following morning, but vocals were recorded a few days later due to equipment difficulties. Total record time about 14 hrs. I hope you like 'Check Out My New Beard' and 'Faith Hand Grenade' too." You know the drill: -1,000 points for equipment difficulty.

    Michael J. Nelson - Tree Nuts and Peanuts (16 songs; 20:41) - Second-timer mjn recorded this album on Christmas Day 2004. He says, "Lots of fuzzy guitars, crappy keyboards, fake drums, and MIDI bass. I was going to try some bizarre genre-mixing experiments, but the only one I got around to was noise-polka (although I realized later on that maybe another song could be called baroque shoegazing). I think it sounds kind of like Richard Hell's second album, actually--too much lead, not enough rhythm--although it's probably better than my first one."

    Fire Swallows the Ocean - Secret Frequencies (6 songs; 21:55) - This story is starting to sound familiar: "Started this at 9:24 AM Dec 21 and finished just over 17 hours later. 6 tracks of electronic stuff left exactly as I finished them - complete with strange mixing levels and the odd mistake. I've been having real trouble finishing anything recently so something like this was the ideal kickstart for me. Hopefully I'll be able to apply what I learnt by doing this to my other stuff. Some of this came out really well and one or two of them weren't so hot - but I stuck to the no out-takes rule and put everything up online."

    Tony Asbestos - Two Days After (8 songs; 20:33) - Yet another songfighter graces us, and writes, "Two Days After was recorded on December 27, 2004. It was a very long but rewarding day. When you have to come up with nearly a minute of finished music every hour for 24 hours straight, there is no time for writer's block. The ideas came out, and good or bad they made it into the songs. I like the result."

    ClaudiusMaximus and Trel - Din And Sonic (3 songs; 23:50) - "Me (ClaudiusMaximus) on synth, Trel on guitar, we decided to do an AAD the day before we did it. Mostly just jamming, with minimal post production - with the conflicting aims of being longer than 20mins to avoid the -1000 points, and shorter than 24mins so it would fit on 8cm mini-CD. The raw recording of the jam session was 37mins, so if you were being exceedingly pedantic I suppose you could deduct points on the 'no out-takes' rule. Artwork was also finished within 24hours, as was the upload to"

    Marcus Kellis - Bloggin' ...And Other Assorted Love Songs (12 songs; 20:09) - "Came in just shy of 24 hours recording time. Mostly inspired by things around my desk, it's wholly me and my guitar. My guitar has a sticker that says 'Cutie on Duty,' and that basically sums up the album."

    Future Boy - New Year's Day (Automatic Writing) (12 songs; 24:30) - The holiday is bringing loads of new albums. Second-timer Future Boy writes, "This album was written and recorded between 3am and 11am on New Year's Day, 2005, after returning home from a New Year's Eve party. The lyrical style is inspired by an improvised song performed by one of the children at the party named Milo. He is almost 5. Some of the words of his song were written down and they appear on this album as the song Hoidle. All of the lyrics were written in the space of about 30 minutes in a semi-stream of consciousness way. The keyboard being used is a Rhodes Mark I Stage Piano, which I am currently baby-sitting for a friend of mine. It is fun to play, but kind of hard on my wrists."

    Andre was here at midnight - Songs for the Dead - 7 songs for dreaming (8 songs; 24:51) - Andre writes, "This came about after failing on my original intensions for this AAD (a rock album). Vocals on the original album where getting the best of me so I quit. It was around 2 am already, and I wanted some sleep, so I thought I'd spend the next couple of hours doing 20 minutes worth of music to later sleep through it. The titles are all from actual previous dreams of mine."

    The Duckets - Ploop (7 songs; 20:54) - "We're a band who's been playing together for about a year and a half now. I read about the AAD project from Future Boy's site and thought it would make for some nice mental floss. We started at 7:25pm and finished at 5:40am. Unfortunetly I had to take a 4 hour nap after tracking. I can only do 24 hours at a time. Woke up, then did the mixing in 3 hours." Gone over? That's -1,000 points for napping.

    Domo Domo - Enemy of EQ (7 songs; 38:42) - "This is my first Album a Day. I learned a lot in the process. For instance, I learned that the little ruler bar in my DAW does not in fact count the seconds, but some different arbitrary number. So songs somehow ended up twice as long as they needed to be, as I was freaking out about time for no reason. The results of this added constraint are, in particular, crappy." I have made this same mistake in the opposite direction.

    Niall Moody - Quiet Rings (11 songs; 21:39) - Niall writes, "My second AAD turned out a lot better than the first one, although there's some pretty terrible time-keeping (I should have used a metronome for more than 2 tracks). Almost entirely acoustic."

    Kool Shades - Rome (9 songs; 30:46) - The Kool Shades say: "This is our first AAD; actually, it's our first album at all. It was recorded in about 7 1/2 hours on 1-13-05. It's extremely unprofessional and was recorded with the crappy external mic that came with my computer. Play the entire album backwards to hear the secret message."

    Calfborg - Tromein (9 songs; 78:55) - "This is my first and only attempt at noise. It took about 6 hours to complete. It was fun."

    Andre was here at Midnight - "Loneliness" The Soundtrack (8 songs; 21:37) - Oops! I just found this one from September 2004 misfiled into my spam folder. Andre writes, "I'd been wanting to do an all Classical music AAD for a while...Saturday evening rolled around, I was board and though I'd give it a shot. Fortunately at the time, I didn't feel like doing classical, but more like a soundtrack for a movie that only existed in my mind, And here's the results. started around 11:00pm Saturday night, recorded most of it, till around 7:00 am Sunday morning. Later finish 2 more track, all before 10:00 pm Sunday. Overall am pretty please how the soundtrack came out."

    Maxfield - Redlines (8; 20:08) - AAD workhorse Max says: "For this, my eleventh AAD, I wanted to do something really different from my previous ones. So, I cranked up the distortion on everything and made a really loud, lo-fi, and rockin' set of tunes. Equipment included my brand new keyboard (Nord Electro), Kaoss Pad, melodica and Garage Band virtual instruments (needless to say I didn't use any of their prerecorded loops). Everything recorded between 10am 1/9/05 and 12:30am 1/10/05."

    Director Feline - "is this outer space?" (9 songs; 21:07) - According to the press release, "Director Feline is 1/2 of the psychedelic rawk band I APACHE EYE. This particular album was written, recorded, and mixed in four hours on 1/27/2005."

    Cuban Bimbo - Vampiric Quartet (10 songs; 32:54) - Cuban Bimbo reports: "This is our first attempt at a CrapArt Album-A-Day album. We recorded this album from 1pm 1/29/2005 to 4am 1/30/2005. We recorded the music first and then laid the vocals(?) using lyrics created on various random lyric generators on top of that. Other effects were added with a circuit bent DOD Flanger Pedal dubbed The Drunken Sailor Flanger. Watch those ears!!!"

    Spud - A Case of Octothorpe (7 songs; 22:15) - "Glenn Case came out to Seattle and joined the Mighty 'thorpe for a day of song writing and recording." My goodness, they have uniforms!

    berkano - a history of reading (10 songs; 23:17) - Wily berkano writes: "My second contribution to the Album A Day project. I saved loads of time by writing this album at 255 BPM then I slowed it down to 120 BPM. The end result is a musical abomination, 23 minutes of material recorded and mixed in 20 mins flat."

    Darrin Ailes - Casual Friday (9 songs; 23:11) - Newcomer Darrin writes, "This is my first AAD project; written, recorded and mastered on January 19th 2005 from 9am to 11pm. It was not an easy task, especially since I recorded full arrangements for most of the songs (drums, guitar, bass and vocals). I was in a creative rut, hadn't really written anything in a couple of years, and figured that this would be a good test to see the little creative soul was still there. Amazingly enough, it was. I covered quite a few genres along the way. I wanted to make sure any outlet was available to me. The album is okay, I think, for being written in 14 hours. A couple of the songs I really do like. Some of the mastering is pretty bad, but at 11pm, I didn't much care. Not sure when the next attempt will be. It was mentally and physically draining for me. I think next time I may try very simple arrangements... but then again... what fun is that!"

    The Splott Community Workshop - In Absentia (11 songs; 22 minutes) - The workshop reports, "Splott Community Workshop is the sound of two guys, a couple of guitars, a 1980's Casio keyboard and a computer. The entire album was recorded with a crappy little modem mic you get free with your PC. This is our first AAD project and is a doppelganger based on the Porcupine Tree LP 'In Absentia' which we found just typing random search words into Amazon. It's an interesting mix of genres, skipping between Pavement-esque indie rock, tongue in cheek country ballads and death metal to give just a few examples. The project sent us somewhat insane, with the last track that we recorded ,at 4am, ending up as a 43 second circus music romp with French vocals...."

    Feldspar - Calc Hole (15 songs; 21:01) - Feldspar says, "This is my fifth album-a-day. This one goes out to everyone who has ever found themselves opressed by mathematics."

    Dave Dean - i ♥ crap art (7 songs; 21:08) - Dave is back, and writes: "This took about 19 hours, I thoroughly recommend 'Chris Martin Can Lick My Nuts', and 'Like Helium Balloons To Heaven'. Despite their rough mixes, both of those are amongst my favourite output over the past few months."

    BuZ and The Machine - Walking on Black Keys (14 songs; 20:39) - BuZ says: "The juxtaposition of styles may not please to everyone, but who cares? that's art! :P All done from 10 am to 10 am the next day, including the album cover art :)"

    Soulseek Records - 24 hour massacre - The 24HM team writes: "24 Hour Massacre (24hm) is a variation of a on-going project series call OneMinuteMassacre (1mm). Using a soulseek chatroom, artists gathered for a 24-hr period to create this album. The idea was to give an artist 40 minutes to press as much creativity as possible into one short song. After the 40 minutes was up, a new artist would be chosen who would download the previous song and create a new one using the previous as a focus point; the idea basically to make the song transition seamless as if it were mixed. The result - 26 tracks, each one with its own special and sometimes insane flavour. In short, '24 Hour Massacre' is a team effort. Everyone's work counts and when put together it becomes a solid piece of creativity under stress."

    Peter Toth - Machete (12 songs; 20:54) - Peter says, "My third album-a-day. This time I tackled everything from hiphop to afrobeat to ballads. Well, not really, it's mostly just weird crap. Instruments used: Acoustic guitar, bass, software drum machine, djembé drum, agogo, kalimba, Baby Grand toy piano, vocals and one or two external samples. Once again, I was having a cold when it was recorded, so the singing is messed up. The mixing is awful too. I like it. (I missed the mark by about two hours so that's probably -1000p for me)." Damn straight: -1,000 for running over!

    Theophilus Monk - Tries Their Best (9 songs; 20:01) - "Done between April 9 and April 10 2005. I'd done one previously (solo, Marcus Kellis), but this was with my band, Theophilus Monk. We had a blast making it and did, in fact, try our best. 'Punching a Cow in the Face' is my personal favorite."

    Andre was here at midnight - Guitar & Violin (9 songs; 24:51) - Andre writes: "Here's my 4th album a day, created out of boredom and a mild case of the flu, late Saturday night / early Sunday morning. The most challenging album yet, but the most rewarding one also. It took me about 26 hours to complete so I'll take a big virtual slap in the face and -10,000 points." Consider yourself slapped, slowpoke!!

    The Francisbacons - Protocrystalline (12 songs; 21:42) - News flash: AAD causes delinquency! "Hello. We are Christian & Rafa. Congratulations on the project, it's a great initiative. When we found out about it we couldn't wait to try and do an AAD, so we met the next day and skipped class! We had never done anyhting musical together because we were too lazy and scared to try, so this was the perfect excuse (yes, restrictions can help you be creative!). In the beginning we were planning on doing 30 songs, but as time passed by we got really tired... so we reached for the 20 minutes instead. The name of the band, the album and all the song titles come from Wikipedia's random page generator (, so they didn't really mean anyhting. Oh, we are spanish, even though the third song is the only one in spanish. Maybe that's new."

    Danalog - Sanila (10 songs; 20:26) - "Started at 3:00 AM May 7th, finished 3:00 AM May 8th, ended up so close under the wire I had to stop partway through working on a song to stay in the time limit. If converting to mp3, writing this text, packaging up, and uploading counts in the 24 hour limit, I'll take my -1000 points, if not I'm scott-free!" I don't count packing things up as long as you're quick about it. Full score!

    Willy & Oli - #01 @ Montpellier (9 songs; 21:27) Another close call: "Written, played & recorded in Montpellier, France, in 23 hours and 50 minutes, between April 7th and 8th 2005. A first experience of Album-A-Day, and probably not the last. It's been a challenge to make this album, but after almost a whole day, we can say we are proud of us... But we'll try not to be so lazy on the next one!"

    Scrap Heap - Regressions in Succession (7 songs; 22:13) - "Seven songs in seven genres in seven hours, including a new genre I invented, 'sketch.' No vocals, because things were going just fine without any." New genres are encouraged.

    Olivier - The Incredible Sound Of Magic Rabbit (8 songs; 20:17) - Olivier says: "First experience alone, and the result is an incredible sound. 8 songs in less than 7 hours. Enjoy ..."

    Cat Podulke - Sango Slingshot Eject - Not a Good Idea (12 songs; 28:30) - In a display of post-AAD hysteria, someone from Cat Podulke writes, "We finished this about 8 minutes before 1 am on Monday morning... almost not completing everything on time.... Not promising anything particulary wowish, but everyone will probably laugh or gasp alternatively at 'Henry Rollins Got No Neck' or 'Baseballhead'... truely not related. It was very fun... my first particular venture into producing an album, although one of the people involved in this project has REAL published music out.... WHEEEE. Pancakes. Now excuse me, for I must sleep for 18 hours."

    Les Autistes Vagabonds - T'as Vu Ta Gueule ? (10 songs; 20:14) - Olivier and friends write: "Kind of a challenge to make music with people you don't know very well, and a lot more to make an album ! I especially like the song 'Don't Trust What People Say', sort of warning about medias and stuffs."

    nothing nothings - Fictional Characters Get All The Girls (8 songs; 21:17) - Sean writes: "Ten months (!) after my last one, here's my ninth AAD. As usual I took song title suggestions from friends; for some reason most of the titles I used were awfully long. The city of Oakland (and my apartment) lost power for about an hour while I was in the middle of recording it, so it wouldn't be unreasonable to suspect that I chose to interpret '24 hours' as referring to a contiguous block of 24 hours only in the version of the universe where space-time is appropriately ruptured and re-sown together to compensate." A true master AADician rocks through adversity (perhaps by resorting to pre-electricity recording devices like wax cylinders) but we'll let Sean get away with it without penalty this time.

    John Governale - Songs of the Oxford Hills (8 songs; 22:50) - John says, "I wrote and recorded these eight songs over May 22 and 23, 2005, just making the deadline in 23 fun but exhausting hours. Though I have written a lot of songs over the years, I never released an album because my recording efforts, despite endless retakes and tweaking, always sounded unprofessional. AAD solved that for me. No more fruitless belaboring—just write 'em, record 'em, then post 'em. I love it."

    M#gic Rabbit - Flying Without Wings (7 songs; 21:58) - "I tried to make this one really fast (less than 5 hours) and i didn't sing on it coz a friend of mine told me i was always out of key. New for me : i put some samples of drums on it, and i think it's kind of cool."

    Eric Thortsen - Myfirstalbumaday (17 songs; ~20min) - Eric describes his album with only two capitalized words: "MIDI HEAVEN."

    Eric Thortsen - New Folder (13 songs; ~24min) - Eric describes this album as, "if you have ears you can listen to my album otherwise take a hike," but then later adds: "I thought this was apparent, but now i'm beginning to think no one will get it. Basically, it's a world where things only communicate with music and it's a story about a couples night together and there experience with god. the song titles are supposed to be translations of what the song means in english. It's supposed to be like really awkward and funny becuase you picture the music being either the husband, wife, or god talking and the way they talk is just so strange."

    Swaytek - The Unconditional EP (13 songs; 20:55) - Mike AKA Swaytek says: "this album took me about 3 hours to has a bunch of random hip hop beats i made...hope you guys like it"

    5dots - 5dots presents a 24-hour discussion of sonic possibilities, with friends. (10 songs; 20:42) - 5dots say: "I had friends who also make music come over to help, which worked for a while. I did take a break to sleep, then got up and finished production in the morning. I became very aware that I was running out of time, and recorded the last song as an effort to fill up space, which is why it's completely awful. 'With Time' is really good, though."

    Kool Shades - The Children's Party Handbook (9 songs; 22:03) - "This is our second AAD and significantly better than the first. Perhaps it's our idea of a children's album, full of gloom and sadness, consistently undercut by goofiness and unprofessionalism. Pure pleasure!"

    slappfisk aka neon - sitrondrops (14 songs; 20:13) - slappfisk writes with a lengthy album logbook, which says things like: "slappfisk is norwegian and means lazy fish." and "it was lots of fun. probably not my last aad album."

    Juicy Jew - Big Words (14 songs; 18:10) - Asaf writes: "This album is called 'Big Words' mainly because of the way its lyrics were written. I took a piece of paper and divided it into 14 squares and then wrote several words on each, on random places, related to each other only by association. Then i filled the blank spaces between them and got me some lyrics for a 14 songs album. The site where this album is hosted is in hebrew, so I tried to write anything I could in english to make it more international..."

    Cephalad - Cutups Vol. 4 EP (20 songs; 20:11) - nth-timer Cephalad writes: "This album was finished June 18, 2005. It mostly consists of heavily distorted beatboxing, spoken word, pure noise, and sounds generated by tapping or hitting objects lying around the computer...lo-fi beats and very few melodies, so you've been warned!"

    the guy who did that one album - The Keyboard Instruments, and other Varied Instruments (8 songs; 34:59) - Eric is back, and writes: "Through this journey, we witnesses intrumental music of the highest caliber. Never has, nor could man have alone seeped so deeply into the human spirit crying out truths beyond most mens sight, for this album was created by the Spirit of Nature, and handed down to the one called puppet puppet music pants."

    Adhesion - It's Really Hot Outside! (7 songs; 20:48) - Adhesion says, "My first AAD experiment (and second real album) made from 12:30PM July 6th to 2:30AM July 7th, 2005. Went strangely well - I was surprised at how I could write melodies in such a short period of time that didn't suck. Genres explored (exploited?) include eurobeat (track 5), noise (4,6), ambient (7), chiptune/NES (3, my favorite) and, uh, I don't know (1,2). Made entirely in software - be on the lookout for a couple instances of bufferoverride and rezsynth. Also, please note that the weather was actually pretty good when I made this album."

    Los Bastardos! - #1 Hits (16 songs; 37:51) - The bastardos write, "This was recorded Feb 12 2005. I put up a bit of a story about our day on the site. We had a few problems actually getting started, not enough spots in the mixer, that sort of thing. So we had to improvise with our equipment a little. No overdubs! Recording took somewhere around 2.5 hours. it was mastered a little later, the entire process from setup to finishing the mastering took approx 9 hours. Recording live is great."

    Adhesion - Uncertainty1 (8 songs; 20:35) - Adhesion is back, and writes: "Barely two weeks after my first, I made another AAD: this time I jumped right into crazed experimentalism and tried the dreaded Deaf Ear AAD. None of the songs were heard while they were being written or produced, however, (and take some points off for this if you must) I had to do some post-production mixing work after hearing the songs to make them not sound like crap. Honestly, I don't think it's possible to do a Deaf Ear AAD electronically (all in software, mind you) without terrible mixing. Anyway, some of the songs came out pretty good for having been written without any idea what they were going to sound like - particularly the first and last tracks."

    dotCommunism - Making Music Sure Is Hard Work (7 songs; 20:57) - dotCommunism, a friend of Adhesion, says: "My first AAD. Just for the hell of it, i decided to do a deaf ear one right off the bat. It was quite fun and i definitely had enough ideas to go the whole twenty minutes. This album was done entirely with software. I guess making music isn't as bad as the title might make one think"

    Tom 7 - Quad Emotional Damage (13 songs; 20:24) - I'm still at the forefront of rapid album making (at least in quantity) despite this one coming a year after my last one! This is a break-up album (like relationship break-up, not band break-up), so it is supposed to be sad. I also enforced a "no gimmick" policy; every song is just me and my guitar and nothing else. There are definitely some good songs on it, but I really suffered to finish...

    Adhesion - Opus Magnus (44 songs; 2:23:25) - "Well, this isn't exactly an AAD, but I'd thought I'd submit it as an album made under extreme stress. Originally conceived as an attempt at 7 AADs in 7 days, it ended up taking 11, due to unforeseen circumstances and other things. At the end, I had a double album full of a random smattering of genres as per usual. Again, some pretty good tracks emerged from the chaos, like Fridge, Thorian Ninja and Last Star." Um, -1,000 for taking too long, but like +7,000 points for making seven albums in a marathon.

    AOR - Deconstructing Neodialectic Deappropriation (1 song; 25:01) - This may be the least self-recommended AAD so far: "AOR, the collaboration project between Adhesion and dotCommunism, finally makes its first AAD. Made in only five hours, it consists solely of one horrible track that is at best an abomination. At an excruciating twenty-five minutes, Grandiloquent Longorrhoean Pleonasm (the title of the only track or the alternate name of the album) treads the line between music and noise making the listener very uncomfortable in the process. Recommended only for those with a brave heart and hardy ears."

    Arthur Kamst - Ain't It So? (8 songs; 23:17) - Summer is the time for old-timers to come back to the game, I guess. Arthur writes, "After nearly two years, here is my sixth Album a Day. It's called Ain't It So?, and was actually all done in one evening, August 16th 2005, between 21:00 and 2:00. Just like its predecessor, it was meant as a Doppelganger; this time of dutch band Hallo Venray's album Merry go Round. But again, I ran out of time, so I ended up using eight of the twelve songtitles for this album, which I actually quite like."

    Danalog - FUCK_VERIZON! (13 songs; 20:40) - "What do you get when you combine Verizon screwing me out of internet for over a month plus insomnia? My fifth Album-a-Day, of course!" Don't those bastards know a guy gotta get his inet???

    Feldspar - Park Reverse Neutral (14 songs; 20:11) - 'Tis the season for returning elders, and Feldspar has challenged me to a race, at "only a baker's dozen short" of my record! He says of this album: "This is my sixth album. It is about bugs and monsters and girls. Some of the guitar work is really shoddy and the vocals are tired, but I guess those are sacrifices you must make for the comfort of recording an album while lying in bed."

    Maxfield - Restless (12 songs; 20:14) I told you 'twas the season. Max says: "I went into this, my 12th AAD, intent on making a sort of song cycle where tracks transition seamlessly into one another all connected by an overarching theme and recurring motifs and subject matter, namely a night of dreaming (sort of using Neutral Milk Hotel's classic 'In The Aeroplane Over the Sea' as a loose model). As ambitious as this was, by some miracle I was able to accomplish this pretty much exactly as I had hoped. The trickiest part was that, since I had to have songs transition into one another, I made the album in chronological order and had to keep thinking at least one song in advance. This resulted in a pretty 'album'-sounding album with a nice arc from start to finish, though. Another tricky part was that these songs demanded far more lyrics than any of my other AAD's. In any case, there's plenty of textural variety and good stuff here IMO so give it a listen!"

    Andre Was here at Midnight - Before the Breakdown (8 songs; 21:42) - Andre is another returning elder; he writes just, "Been wanting to do another album a day for a while, this past memorial day weekend finally got a chance."

    ClaudiusMaximus - Soft Rock EP (4 songs; 20:48) - Claudius says: "This time solo, armed with a laptop and free/libre open source software. I started about 1am, finished around 7pm with plenty of time to upload. The bulk of the sounds are the result of chaotic interactions between mutually modulating oscillators, programmatically tweaked to make the tracks progress."

    Giant Waxy Monkey Treefrogs - Whatever Happened to Elizabeth Gilpin? (9 songs; 29:21) - All that these treefrogs have to say is that this is their first, and best, album in a day.

    David Strope - Misery The Audiophile (7 songs; 22:53) - David reports, "It's not long. It's not beautiful. But it is my first attempt at Album-A-Day. I jumped in with a concept album about a guy named Misery who happens to be an audiophile... Recorded in the hours between 8:00 AM and 12:00 PM on Friday, October 7."

    Peter Toth - Time warp (7; 20:07) - Peter returns to tell us: "My fourth AAD, the first one after having converted to GNU/Linux and free software. My first AAD using my electric guitar, too. As usual, there are many genres here, as well as more awful singing"

    Phunt Your Friends - How the Tales of Incubi, Djinns, and Nymphs May Interweave (13 songs; 25:48) - "This album tells a story about about love and death, and lots of other stuff too. The relevant characters are: Ariane, a prostitute who used to be a nymph; Cosette, a prostitute who used to be a djinn; Freddielove, a debonair playboy who used to be an incubus; Dead Nose (pronounced 'day-odd no-zay'), a incubus who used to work with Freddilove and an assassin working for the demigod Ashok (who doesn't appear in this story)."

    Tyler McCool & Friends - are completely effing insane (9 songs; 22:17) - "So this was my second album-a-day. The first one Los Bastardos! - #1 Hits was a lot of fun and I've been wanting to do another for a while. This time the plan was to have as many people involved as possible and create something completely different. Instead of going for the completely low-fi sound like I did last time I wanted to clean up the sound a little and create a nicer sounding recording. I started at 12pm on Saturday and kept going until about 5am Sunday."

    Bjam - October 13th (8 songs; 22:12) - Bjam, another songfighter, says: "I decided to do this in a day off from school, and this happened. All songs are vocals, acoustic guitar(Mr Sparkles), and an electric guitar(Mr Sun). I heard about AADs through SongFight.Org."

    Olivier - Me vs Myself (7 songs; 20:35) - "Third AAD alone for me, under different names, but this one's the first i made in Canada... I'm waiting for some friends to make one with me, maybe only by internet ... Need to think about it. Again, thanks Tom7 for this f***ing good idea of AAD. It's saving my life." Well! You're f***ing welcome!

    A Pisces - Crumbs (10 songs; 20:32) - Zage says: "A pop rock album, lots of melodies, lots of guitars, lots of electronics, lots of my inner influences (Smashing Pumpkins, Nine Inch Nails, Beatles, whatever) but when under the pressure of time it came out all of my deeper unconsciousness."

    RedwaX - Silus (1 song; 22:47) - "Began recording at around 2:10PM, 10-24-05, finished mixing at about 5:06PM the same day. Not exactly what I was expecting, most of it is an exercise in annoyance, excess, and dischord. It's the story of a young boy named Silus. Silus is dead. Enjoy."

    Pumpkin Buzzard - American Jellyfish (10 songs; 20:12) - These guys are sending in a bunch of albums from way back: "Our first album-a-day was completed in approximately 7 hours. It is also our first entirely organic album. Recorded Summer 2004. Enjoy!"

    Pumpkin Buzzard - Vampire Rainbow (7 songs; 20:16) - "Our second album-a-day was completed in approximately 10 hours. ALL vocals are auto-tuned, save in the final song. Recorded Summer 2004."

    Pumpkin Buzzard - Sunshine Synthesizer (7 songs; 31:36) - "Our third album-a-day was completed in approximately 6 hours. Recorded Spring 2005. Enjoy!"

    Boobootin - pop music (16 songs; 30:16) - Motti from Israel says: "i found this site album a day. i like the idea to do album in 24 hours. i try and i like what i did."

    GlaudiusMaximus - Dice Music (99 songs; 38:49) - Here's a 99-song record-breaker: "Laziness strikes a few minutes into an album-a-day project, why not get the computer to do the grunt work? This 'music' is algorithmically generated, but is unpredictable in an amusing and addictive way (at least to someone who has been awake all night). I can't remember when I started, but it's been (not much) less than 24 hours since I last woke up, so by the power of arithmetic I deduce I managed it in time." Algorithmically generated music is totally legit, as long as you do all the programming on the day itself. See also Wum's autogenerated metal on "Los Caballos..."

    Total Amateurs - Dead Will Rise - (10 songs; 20:35) - These total amateurs write: "Our First attempt at the whole Album A Day phenom. Completed in 4.5 hours in one straight marathon session. total improv." Unfortunately not available for free download.

    Slipperystar - Dandelion Wine (8 songs; 26:00) - Tom says: "Written, recorded and post-produced in a 24 hour period: from 11:30 am Saturday November 12th to 11:30 am Sunday November 13th, 2005 (including several hours of sleep - don't worry!). Sure, some of the vocals need work, the songs are deconstructed in a way, but as time was literally of the essence in this project, decisions on where to spend it was important."

    Lima Baterflai - The living memories of Captain No (9 songs; 20:29) - "This is my debut in aad concept. I recorded the album between 22 pm of november 18 and 2 pm of november 19 in La Floresta (Barcelona). Finished in 14 hours. You can hear aocustic guitar, MIDI guitar, bass, cuban 'tres' and programmed drums and sinths."

    Is Does - Dispositions (8 songs; 20:21) - James drops a load of AADs on us at once, starting with this one: "Recorded on the last day of 2003. This one's shiny and plasticky, and quite leisurely in pace of unfolding."

    Is Does - Room 39 (8 songs; 20:21) - "A collaboration with my friend Matt, who provided viola and a sizeable chunk of songwriting and vocals. A peculiar mix of pop, noise and ambience (Matt described 'On Fire' as being Steps meets the Velvet Underground, which is a better description than I've come up with), and some really hideous singing by yours truly, but it has sense of melancholy I quite like. I also used it as the basis of an article on the Album-a-Day process for a Cambridge student paper. By those notes, it took fifteen and a half hours."

    Circus of Towels - Bulb (13 songs; 25:53) - "This fell into two parts. The second half was multitracked between James Roberts and Chris Cawthorn at the start and end of the day. The first half was recorded in four hours in the middle by the above, Julian Pulman, Mike Hepworth and Elliot Fairweather, in a college lecture theatre which just happened to contain drums and a piano. Not one of us shared any musical skills and/or tastes with any other, which soon became interesting. After trying fruitlessly to write something we started jamming, and came away with about an hour of random racket which I edited down at the end of the day. (The bonus track was recorded, but not edited, on the day.) And we're shouting 'Bulb!' throughout because we found it inexplicably funny at the time."

    Is Does - Gasman Came Early (direct MP3 link!) (14 songs; 20:06) - "Because he did. I was up early to catch him (but still missed him somehow). The album was the result of thinking 'well, if I'm up, I might as well...' Eclectic even by my standards. It's a bit more guitar- and rhythm-section-driven than previous Is Does albums. I think it took about seventeen hours total, from eight to three a.m, in July this year."

    Solid Oswald - Hot Lemony Drink (13 songs; 20:08) - "Recorded by James and Brian across the four thousand miles between hometowns York and Iowa City, by exchanging multitrack files over AIM and reworking them. Featuring some turn-of-the-century pastiches, pop songs about rich fantasy lives, and 'ardcore coda."

    Adhesion - Pseudocold1 (12 songs; 20:42) - "My third (official?) AAD, this one was the result of numerous experiments into randomly generated music (no connection to the dice music aad, honest.) Lots of randomly-generated melodies, key signatures, time signatures, rhythms, and vst effect settings. Lots of glitchiness and awkward production in addition to some conventional simulated instruments. Also included are a couple tracks that arose from my attempts to code a random audio generator in Java. Yet another surprisingly enjoyable collection of musics."

    Darrin Ailes - Let's Cut The Crap And Hook Up Later On Tonight (Doppelganger Musical) (37 songs; 43:38) - Darrin is a hardcore AAD aficionado. He says: "After listening to all the AADs that I could get ahold of (209 albums), I was ready to write my second AAD album. I decided that I would try to do something that hadn't been done before. The answer was: a doppelganger musical. This AAD, written between 12/03/2005 8:40pm and 12/04/2005 7:35pm, is a doppelganger of 'Let's Cut The Crap And Hook Up Later On Tonight' by Marah and is also a musical complete with dialog. The musical follows a not so ordinary day in the life of a man who is constanting singing to himself, both in his head and aloud. In order to make sure that I didn't break any of the AAD rules, I made sure that the musical content exceeded somnites (the 18 music tracks clock in at 22:47). "

    Kiko del Mar - The living memories of Captain No (9 songs; 20:29) - Kiko says: "I started the session at 10 PM of november 18 and it tooks me 16 hours. You can listen to acoustic guitar, a MIDI Guitar, a bass, sequencers and my voice. It's my first AAD and sure not the last."

    Musti Laiton - Pedon Varjo (7 songs; 43:42) - Roope says, "This album was recorded and mixed in one day. It was the first session with a new guy in drums, so it makes it kinda interesting."

    Lord Sphinx - The Zero Hour EP (5 songs; 20:21) - "Recorded on Tuesday November 22, and featuring a couple guest appearances from friend and collaborator Vision, this EP was certainly one of the most challenging and fun projects I've undertaken in a long time. Finished minutes shy of the 24-hour mark, recording this EP was absolutely exhausting, yet exhilirating. A friend at 7 Crescent Media liked it so much, he offered to create a website for it, and he certainly went beyond the call of duty. I always enjoy new challenges, and this was certainly one of the most fun challenges I've put myself through ever. I look forward to doing more Album-A-Day projects." Man—why you guys always gotta call these things EPs? It's an ALBUM-a-day.

    BRYTHONIC - Don't Listen to Track One (7 songs; 21:01) - "BRYTHONIC is a band formed by 4 people (Adhesion, dotCommunism, and two other guys who have yet to release any solo music) - our first attempt at an AAD is a stab at making music in as many genres as possible. First track is noise, second is vocoder pop (this one is totally awesome), third is punk, fourth is ambient and the last three are guitar solos. Please pay heed to the title and avoid the first track, as it is terrible." AAD staff recommends putting your terrible tracks at the very end, not beginning!

    Adhesion - Auf Deutsch Bitte (7 songs; 20:35) - Addict Adhesion writes, "Hot on the heels of a collaboration AAD, I decided to make a solo one! This time, a more normal one than my last two. Well, not quite, as this is a German album. However, there is no German singing, only lots of German sampling and German titles. This might be my most consisently good AAD yet!"

    Scrap Heap - The Operation Completed Successfully (12 songs; 23:17) - "Lo-fi experimental electronic and film music. I finished the first 11 songs last night and went to bed intending to master them the next morning, but when the morning came I couldn't help making another song, so I ended up with twelve."

    Bjam - Metal Didn't Keep Me Down (9 songs; ~22:00) - Bjam just says: "My second AAD, this one was done during Winter Break."

    Ashrilyn - Uninspired (9 songs; 22:17) - Success at last! Ashrilyn writes: "My first successful AAD attempt (I never finished a song on any previous tries). Started at about 9:12 PM January 02, and finished at about 4:17 AM January 03. No lyrics or singing, as usual for me. The style and sound of each song is a bit different. Completely tracker-made, using samples of drums and synths (both hardware and software), and more. I had a bit of a headache while making some of this and needed a break, and I kind of felt like I was running out of ideas and inspiration as I went on, so I called it 'Uninspired'. After some sleep, I liked it all more. As usual, I'm not sure what to call my style. 'Sand' has some kind of a rock sound. 'Peace' has a soft, relaxed sound. 'Evil Robot Factory' is more drum-driven, and has some odd sounds in it. 'Crystals in Space' has a kind of high, sweeping synth sound to it. 'Space Spider on its Last Legs' has a kind of light dance sound."

    dotCommunism - Bits and Bites (7 songs; 20:13) - dotCommunism says: "My second solo Album-A-Day and first one since July. There have been a couple of collaboration ones in that span, though. This one differs quite a bit from my previous effort. This album is a collection of video game style music. Nothing too complicated or deep, but still enjoyable."

    Adhesion - Uncertainty2 (30 songs; 20:29) - "Just a few days before returning to college after winter break I decided to make my fifth album-a-day. Not a normal one, though. Another deaf ear one. And it was going to fulfill BOTH requirements of the AAD - and it did. The result: 30 ~40 seconds long songs that I did not listen to when making them. I was completely blown away by the completely random and strangely melodic results that came out of this experiment - this may be my favorite one I've made, if only for the extreme variety and ridiculous pacing of having only 40 second-long songs. I also parodied other musical artists, like tom7 ('eastkeytoeyecancer', 'mediocrekeyboardist', 'ultimatedancemachine') as well as some of my friends. As per usual, it was all created with software in addition to a few recorded things, some random samples and some MIDI jamming. Favorites: rizemonhar, intonatedimprovisation, eastkeytoeyecancer, numerology257, ultimatedancemachine, thankyouverymuchgoodnight." Big ups for so many simultaneous goals achieved, I say!

    Johnny Strange - Black Iowa (6 songs; ??:??) - Johnny Strange writes with three albums. This is his first and favorite.

    Johnny Strange - Jovial Nova's (15 songs; ??:??) - Johnny Strange's second or third.

    Johnny Strange - Too's, Fro's & UFO's (6 songs; ??:??) - His third or second.

    The True Wheel - A Few Things I Hate And Other Songs (18 songs; 20:16) - The True Wheel says: "My first solo Album-A-Day (I worked on Brythonic as well). Mostly acoustic guitar songs, some with lyrics, similar to Tom 7's style. The last five tracks are weird electronic experiments because I got bored. Highlights include: Liz the Fucking Hippie Whore, Ranks Among My Favorites, and Fuck Cake."

    3 Green Cows - Damien's Day Off (10 songs; 30:53) - 3 Green Cows write: "We recorded this album between noon on January 7th 2006 and ended about 10 on sunday morning. It's the instrumental interpretation of a guy on his day off."

    The Pinkos - The Long Wind (10 songs; 21:39) - "The Pinkos are Messy Angelo and Tugboat Willy. We decided to challenge ourselves with your challenge. It certainly was challenging. We just about managed to get it done in the 24 hours (26th-27th January '06), but there was a sleep break in there... For song titles, we used the ingeniuos trick of switching on the TV at random and using the first thing we heard. Our lyrics are a little bit silly at times, but it's tough to find lyrics for 10 songs in one day (we managed 4 with words). Special thanks to Bunnyhop for his artwork and inspiration. Our instruments were guitar and VSTs."

    ol okuloj - swans and rats (9 songs; 20:57) - "After many excuses much procrastinating, a day was set adise for a CAAD album. This was created completely with SuperCollider with a wx-5 wind controller, and a teensy bit of sampling. It took 16 hours and 54 minutes, starting at 8am. A very fun, but exhasuting day."

    Adhesion - Pornoise Extra (Doppelganger) (10 songs; 59:31) - Number 6 für mich. This is my first doppelgänger, and for it I chose to approximate "Pornoise Extra" by Merzbow. Thus, it's pretty noisy and experimental, although more "normal" than most Merzbow. Also, I matched the track lengths as well as the titles and such this is an excruciatingly long AAD - and a hard one to make. In addition to making weird noise and electronic music I wrote a piano nocturne. I recommend: "Dance Of Dharma-kala", "Helgas Death Disco", "Domine" and "Chopin Is Dead".

    dotCommunism - Consumer Whore (4 songs; 20:52) - "For my third AAD, i decided to go with another gimmick. This time that gimmick is that all the songs are blatant endorsements of consumerism. Well, one isn't quite so blatant (it uses backmasking). Evil corporations shilled for include: Pepsi, Calvin Klein, Walmart and MTV. Overall, didn't take much time to finish either."

    Julian Rodriguez - Piano Improvisation with flaws (20 songs; 23:48) - "The name says it all... I'm not very good at piano, so, I started playing and whenever I chose the wrong note, I stuck with it and it lead me to different places. The results are there for you to hear. No rehearsal whatsoever, it took me exactly 23 minutes and 48 seconds to record this piece, what you hear is what I made, no more, no less. I made the cover art when I was uploading the files, so no time wasted there." Right on. Let no second be wasted!!

    Good Friday - The Silence (11 songs; 30:57) - "a concept album and an album-a-day--my first of both. all in all, the writing and recording was a breeze, took about six hours. postproduction was the painful part. and for the sake of my conscience: i jotted down the song titles a few weeks ago, and on the recording day i wrote the songs from the titles. that's not really cheating, is it?" -1 point for using song titles from before the day!

    Jonathan and Albert - Trapped in the (Broom) Closet (10? songs; 18:30) - Jonathan says: "After listening to a lively slew of others' AAD projects, my brother and I were inspired to do our own -- but we thought to do a video version, because camcorders shouldn't be forced to deal with dogs and kids all day. I'm sorry to say that we failed to meet the requirements, and hard. See, the songs were all written and recorded from 3 to 11 pm Sunday, but the video editing took a few days. I'd like to blame the computer, but it's more fair to admit that I just suck. And it's only 18:30, too... After sitting on it for a bit, I decided to post it and send a link—at the very least, it remains directly inspired by AAD, though not much compliant with it. Whether you choose to list it or not, I thank you for the push! It's been a loooong time since I felt compelled to belt out a tune, but your project stoked the noisy furnace. The video is 22 megs and requires Quicktime 7 (due to a chapter track & the use of thar newfangled H.264 codec). Much obliged! If the playback isn't working for you, please let me know. I'm pretty new to video encoding." Well, naturally -1,000 points for not making 20:00 and -1,000 points for taking like a few days, but +2,000 points for multimedia! Of course all variations on the theme are welcome at AAD.

    Peter Toth - Antaem (8 songs; 20:21) - Long-timer Peter writes of his newest creation: "I finally got around to using a MIDI keyboard, resulting in trumpet solos and grand pianos. Still mostly weird pop/rock stuff with odd beats. I made these two albums in two consecutive days in January. I'm quite pleased."

    Peter Toth - Mystery music (9 songs; 21:06) - Double whammy! "This one is in the same vein but seems to be slightly more melodic, with some backing vocals courtesy of my sister, some funk and some general weirdness."

    Tom 7 - Betrayal at the Knights of Columbus (11 songs; 20:40) - My twentieth album! I used particularly stupid synthesizer sounds on this one, and also entered a couple of contests (you can try to figure out which ones) along the way. I like to think of it as a delightful jaunt through life's luxuries. Oh, I get -1,000 points for taking a break to watch a movie and get lunch and thinking I'm like above the law just because I invented AAD. (BTW, going back years later, this album is one of my favorites by far.)

    KIBO - Knowledge In Bullshit Out (8 songs; 20:09) - I hope KIBO won't mind if I format his ASCII art as one amorphous paragraph, as per AAD style: "KIBO= .....the true wheel + ......................adhesion Mapism. -the new art movement. ........composer/creator attempting to fully map out a mind and all of its idiosyncracies onto a certain medium/media ///digital music in this case./// this album is a map of john ./././././..........john has problems. central to mapism: ...rejection of traditional art principles ...rearrangement of ideas ...connection of media (connections of subconscious) recommend: mapism manifesto 1, earth zion, if silence guides"

    Jacob Lynn - Take Me Out to the Ballpark (9 songs; 20:08) - Songfight crossover mania continues! Jacob says: "Started recording 9:30 on the morning of March 15, 2006, finshed up and uploaded at 1:30 AM on the 16th. This was one of the most creatively difficult experiences of my life, I ran into a few brick walls along the way. Not only is the 6th track pure filler, it also quotes the actual song Take Me Out to the Ballpark, which may or may not be frowned upon, I'm not sure. But a great experience, nonetheless. Thanks for running this fantastic website!" Yeah, quoting Take Me Out to the Ballpark is frowned upon for more than one reason.

    Adhesion - Invincible Fighting Spirit (8 songs; 20:15) - Lifer Adhesion writes, "My 7th AAD continues my trend of "an album-a-day every month". This one is essentially a soundtrack for a fictitious console game, with songs for the intro, an overworld theme, bosses, different levels, cutscenes, etc. As far as production goes, I only used simple waveforms and some FM stuff in addition to crushed samples. A remarkable album for me in the sense that it has no filler and is very good overall! Recommended: 'Theme from IFS', 'Uberwelt', 'Final Boss', 'Rolling End'."

    Mick Slyness - Are you lookingatmy willy winky? (11 songs; 44:51) - Johnny writes: "Improvised rubbish! Mike and Johnny have made absurd music with each other over the years but only recently have started to record these sessions. All we ever do is plug in and play, we never plan what we're going to do and we never play the same thing twice. We're not trying to be particurly avant garde, its just what we like to do. We're certainly not great musicians by any means but our favorite music is made by untrained musicians and is full of mistakes so i think by our own standards we do very well indeed. Any comments are appreciated whether positive, negative, vulgar or irrelevant."

    Mick Slyness - Its all just jazz really, just like Miles Davis!!! (1 songs; 23:04) - On the second half: "Here we go again, also 12 Jan 06, minus distortion. Don't remmeber too much about this one but then, if I did, it would just mean I wasn't there."

    Fire Swallows The Ocean - Unlikely Soundtracks 1 (8 songs; 23:29) - "Just over fourteen months after my first AAD, this is the second one. This one was recorded between 9:42 AM March 4 and 0:51 March 5 2006 and—as the name suggests—it's another outing for one of the oldest of electronic music cliches 'Songs for imaginary films'. If I can get it together, there'll be further installments in this series as the year progresses."

    Scrap Heap - Scattershot (13 songs; 21:23) - "One day I was listening to some tracks on my hard disk shuffled into a random order. Suddenly I heard a really fast trance song and thought, 'Wow, that song is so fast. I barely have any music that's fast like that.' That inspired this album, on which most of the songs are above 150 bpm and some reach 200. Now the song that sparked the idea seems slow in comparison." Scrap Heap apparently has three secret AADs that you can ask about.

    Scrap Heap - The Elements, Volume 1 (18 songs; 21:07) - Here's one of those albums, secret no longer: "One from my back catalog, made on January 4, 2006, three days after 'The Operation Completed Successfully.' The songs are in .it (Impulse Tracker) format. The gimmicks here are twofold: first, each song is named after a chemical element in the order they appear in Tom Lehrer's elements song, and inspired by what I imagined that element to sound like. Second, each song is a background music track for a hypothetical game, intended to loop."

    Scrap Heap - Can't Stop the Magic (11 songs; 20:00) - Unable to control himself, Scrap Heap reports: "My seventh AAD. This was the first one where I really had to rush. So I start yesterday around 1, have lunch, do a second song, then kinda lose interest. I'm not sure I truly want to do another album so soon, you know? For the rest of the night, I mostly goof off, but dash off another three songs just in case. Finally, I decide I'll finish the album tomorrow. Fast forward to 11 this morning, and the realization that I now have to write 13 minutes of music in two hours strikes me like a pile of bricks. Fortunately, I was up to the challenge, but just barely. This album has more filler than usual, especially on track 10, 'Can't Stop the Magic.'"

    Killer Mushrooms Ate My Gran - Album-A-Day No.1 (7 songs; 26:11) - "We are from Nuremberg, Germany, and I hope you don't mind if my English isn't so good ... We started on April 18 at 10:30 am, but we had some problems with the computer that took us two or three hours before we were ready to begin. And we had a very long break in the evening, when we went in a café and had some beer, so you might want to give us -1000 points for that. We finished recording at about 0:30. I think we could have done it at least a bit better, but maybe we were not motivated enough. What I like most about this album is that we used quite a lot of different instruments. We are: Matt MC (Vocals/Trombone/Kazoo/Flute), Philasomic (Tuba/Keyboard/Choir Leader), Kid Kosmonaut (Styrian Concertina/Cajon/Rainmaker/E-Ukulele/BeatBox) and Phile who did some guest vocals on the last track." There's no penalty for beer breaks, my German friends.

    Standpipe - Love Of A Salesman (9 songs; 20:25) - Chris says, "Standpipe's second Album-A-Day. This one tells the story of a used car salesman who falls in love... and learns a valuable lesson in the process. Produced from 8am-8am on 19 and 20 April 2006."

    Adhesion - Shapes (12 songs; 20:03) - Adhesion is making a stab at the leader board with his eighth, made on April 26–27 2006: "This one is some sort of concept album based on the cover—each shape (& connection) has its own track, and the music is based on the shape in some way. All the tracks blend together pretty well, and the album loops. I seem to be settling into some electronic/IDM/downtempo melodic style with this. Recommended: So Square, Transfer Cross, Victoria Cross 150."

    Devil and Casey Jones - Devil and Casey Jones Vs. Album-A-Day (24 songs; 45:27) - They write: "For some reason we decided to do 24 songs to fit with the whole 24 theme. This was a big mistake as it then took ages to mix and add the vocals. We all set up in our practise room in a circle, and we went around each person in turn. When it was your turn you had to come up with a title and a musical idea. There are loads of notes on our web site about the making of this album."

    Julian Rodriguez Orihuela - Six original, improvised and varied pieces (6 songs; 20:49) - Having not yet mastered the art of self-promotion, Julian says only: "hope everyone likes it better than i do!"

    Scrap Heap - Ascent (9 songs; 21:35) - I think this is also Scrap Heap's 8th album.

    Scrap Heap - Descent (8 songs; 20:30) - Scrap Heap writes: "Done in about 3 hours in the morning and at night, because I was out all day. I was pretty uninspired, but a few tunes came out okay."

    dotCommunism - The Ides of Pi (6 songs; 21:02) - dotCommunism says: "My fourth album-a-day, made over March 14–15 of 2006, and named for Pi Day (3/14) and the Ides of March. The entire album is one cohesive work, broken up into different parts representing different variations on the main theme, the main theme being derived from the digits of pi."

    Arctica - Arctica (5 songs; 23:40) - Here's a band who knows how to love its music: "The new album from Arctica, the most progressive band on the planet. We recorded this album in just under 12 hours straight in the middle of an extremely excessive, weekend." Track notes: "1.Belaruse:We are post-romanticist explorers, guided by polish folk songs. An ironic take on musical cliches that may challenge you. 2.Arctica:Without a doubt, the best track we have ever created. An 8 minute spectacle of electronic paralysis and tornado-force guitars. Enjoy. 3.Agalychnis callidryas:Two songs in one. Frogs are prevelant here, as is the 'We are corporations' interlude. Be learned. 4.Lost Rabbit:An ode to the rabbit who is wandering. 5.Post-Barbershop:The most terrifying seminar on animals."

    Scrap Heap - A Curse in Disguise (8 songs; 20:06) - Scrap Heap, whose albums arrive like so much torrential downpour, reports only that he "finished with an hour to spare. I'm happy with this one, several good songs on it."

    null set - millipede, part 1 (14 songs; 42:06) - "null set is a side project by the scrap heap guy. in late december 2002 i decided to write as much music as possible in 24 hours. the first 14 tracks on the linked album, up to and including 'chemical process', are the result, and viewed as an album in their own right they satisfy the aad rules. i was not aware of aad at the time, which is a darn good thing, because i might have been tempted to stop after 20 minutes."

    nate - incident at the cheese factory (8 songs; 20:??) - Nate says, "I wrote and recorded this album may 18th. It is my second attempt at an album a day project (my first i lost by a long shot). The album is about a friend of mine who worked in a cheese factory (seriously) but hurt himself lifting boxes of cheese and now sits around on drugs, confused, and falls asleep at strange times. Some of the songs are about dreams that he has. The correct order doesn't seem to be maintained by this site, but it is 1.wake me up 2. The Golden Fountain 3. dream sequence 4. backseat 5. second opinion 6. sandman 7. monkey's paw 8. there's no good way to lift cheese." The Album-a-day organizers recommend cheesecloth.

    dotCommunism - Music for Sleeping (4 songs; 33:41) - "For my fifth album-a-day, from April 2006, i took a shot at making an ambient album. Each song's title spells out its main theme. Although the album's kind of ambient, there's quite a bit of variance between tracks from the very experimental 'Fag da Deaf Edge' to the minimalist industrial 'Ecce Geeda' to the Philip Glass meets riverdance of 'Caged Ace, Dead Face'."

    Jeremy Shor - Crap-aDay, Vol. 1 (6 songs; 21:32) - "My album is made from many aprox. five-minute improvisions on the keyboard, recorded (poorly). Then I used Audacity to slice them into segments, while deleting rubbish (interuptions, the recorder slipping, etc.). Then I put the segments back together in different orders. There are many mistakes, and there is pretty much no tune. Enjoy. :)"

    Adhesion - Delphi Arrival (5 songs; 20:38) - "My ninth. Surprisingly enough, no particular theme or gimmick for this one, kind of like my first AAD. Ironically, it WAS really hot outside this time (90+, in Rochester, in May, somehow). Music is more of the IDM/downtempo slant, with more use of strange 7th/extended chord harmonies and the occasionally glitchy percussion track. 'Logos' is IDM/techno with hi-hat madness and 8-bit synth action, 'Isomorphism' is awesome vocoder pop with lyrics about math fights, 'The Oracle' is a cool ambient/IDM piece, 'Trivial Sun Surface' is some kind of melodic breakbeat/trance with a strange rhythmic workout in the middle and 'Pale Blue Lights' is dark downtempo with groovin' drums and a lot of weird chords. All of these tracks are pretty good in some way. Sadly, I went a few hours over due to some stupid mixing issues and the ridiculous speech synthesis/vocoder work on vocals for Isomorphism (7+ hours!!!). They don't even sound that good! Whoops."

    dotCommunism - In da Streetz (4 songs; 21:14) - "For my sixth album-a-day, created on May 18-19, 2006, i decided to make a hip hop album. 'Fuck the RIAA' is a minimal rap track, 'Blascock' is a good old drum and bass track with some pachelbel's canon thrown in. 'Flip Flop' is my attempt at making crunk and 'My Abortion' is a mix of noise and rap. Recommendations are 'Blascock', 'Flip Flop' and 'My Abortion'."

    Chris Smith - Ride Along With The Zodiac Killers (8 songs; 22:06) - Chris says: "I started early on June 2nd (I mean real early, like around 2 in the morning) so I did sleep at some point before converting my wav files to MP3s! But I consider sleep to be an inspiration (in fact I called one song 'sleep' and even recorded it without even bothering to plug in my guitar.) There's all sorts of glitches and errors due to rush editing (and i even found out that corvair didn't make convertible in 66) but I will live with what I've made!"

    J. Wine & Diptera - Ho Soda (6 songs; 20:57) - J. writes: "A retarded onslaught of sugary and occasionally sexually suggestive pulp. Instruments tortured are water jug, tubulon tubes, mic-in-sock (aka foot-in-mouth), skateboard, and grand piano."

    Adhesion - New Folder (5 songs; 20:39) - Adhesion's speed technique involves naming assistance from the filesystem: "Number 10, made from June 14th-15th 2006. This one's a little weirder than my others - all songs were made with the same production (ie, all in the same project file, since I do everything in software). Tracks go between weird rhythm experimentation with xenochrony to incomprehensible sample-based hip hop to extended synth jamming. Recommended: Xenoffering 1 & 2 and Type Name Of New Folder (if you're feeling adventurous)."

    ClaudiusMaximus - Viol8|| (6 songs; 22:50) - "I was bored, and I saw a message on an email list about loading raw data into PD[puredata] as audio, so I stole the idea and used Audacity to convert some files on my drive to audio (see track names). It's called Viol8|| (pronounced 'violator') because it violates both your ears and the GPL (shh, don't tell Mr Lawyerman)."

    Scrap Heap - Trauma (5 songs; 27:42) Scrap Heap says this is "a noise concept album, about a person who suffers a loss and falls into an inescapable depression."

    Scrap Heap - An Endless Series of Hobgoblins, All of Them Imaginary (34 songs; 44:26) - Scrap heap reports on this monster: "This time I set out to make as many songs as possible. I ended up setting a personal record in both number of songs and total length. My 11th, done on Evil Day, 6/6/6."

    Scrap Heap - Precipice (4 songs; 21:17) - "My 12th AAD. Yesterday I noticed that in May, I had made more than an hour of music. Why not repeat that in June, I thought. This is another noise album, but unlike Trauma, the tracks don't have a common theme to them." Yes, indeed, why not repeat that every month?

    nothing nothings - Lazy Piano Morning (22 songs; 37:17) - "What the world needs more of is people jamming for two hours on their worst musical instrument and then calling it an album! For my tenth AAD, I decided to give the world more of what it needs!!!" Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

    nothing nothings - Fire Works (65 songs; 61:00) - "Epic crap for the Fourth of July! My eleventh AAD was recorded in 16 hours spread out over the 24 found in that day. To create it, I improvised non-stop on the bass for an hour, then overdubbed 'drums' and many guitars, resulting in this epic 65-song instrumental album. The song endings and beginnings are all wonky, because it's all extracted from a single 61-minute recording, but what's life without a little crap?!" Merry 4th of July everyone!!!!

    Scrap Heap - Deaf Justice (14 songs; 22:41) - "This is a deaf ear AAD. Unlike certain artists whose names relate to glue, I didn't cheat by listening to it in post-production. I just looked at amplitude, spectrum graphs, etc. and guessed at the mixing based on that. I haven't heard the album even now. Maybe it turned out listenable. Wouldn't that be a pleasant surprise?"

    His Name is Dan - Born Again and Again and Again... (11 songs; 23:33) - First timer His Name is Dan says: "This is concept album about reincarnation. Each song is sung in a different lifetime by the same narrator, just by the narrator's different incarnations. This is my first AAD. I've been wanting to do this for a while, but hadn't gotten around to it. It came out surprisingly easy. I think having a concept helped with that."

    Michael Kenny - Duel Alacrity (8 songs; 24:16) - "The lyrics for 'Duel Alacrity' are about writing 'Duel Alacrity'. How meta! Really more like, 'How lazy!' I ran out of lyrics about making the AAD before I finished so I had to write more lines, which in part had to do with running out of lines, if I remember right. Anyway, I think the music is pretty strong and the lyrics and singing are somewhat iffy though probably tolerable. Song titles have no obvious relationship to the content of the songs."

    Scrap Heap - Unhinged (10 songs; 34:12) - "I decided to try doing an album with only software I've written. This is a noise album. Crazy, complicated noise symphonies created using wave terrain synthesis. This album is rather harsh and not for everyone, but if you have an open mind and ears up to the challenge, I think you'll find some gems here."

    Apostles of Robespierre - struggle between two contending ideas (10 songs; 20:15) - "AOR is back (after a name change) with another extremely strange AAD, more noise-oriented than anything we've done so far. It goes as such: 2 tracks made by the members of the Apostles, solo, a track that combines the 2, then a 7-movement noise suite that features a lot of nonsense as well as some sampling and pretentious titles in iambic septameter. Recommended: EVERYTHING but especially the last track."

    Arthur Kamst - Sink (8 songs; 20:51) - Arthur's back! He says: "My seventh, and it turned out pretty well given all technical difficulties and the heatwave in which it was made."

    Arthur Kamst - After the flood - "My 8th aad. I experienced the same difficulties as I did with Sink, so much that I gave up after the third song. But my wife convinced me to carry on, and I'm glad I did, because I like the last song very, very much." Let this be a lesson to you all!

    Downed Quarks - Oscillating Frequencies (10 songs; 21:19) - First timer Downed Quarks says: "Well, here it is. Pretty pleased with it seeing as it is my first AAD. Maybe i'll get extra points for including 12 instruments. (hehehehehehe). But I'll Be Back!!!!!" It is always good to have more instruments than songs. +2 points for a 2 instrument surplus!

    Adhesion & Scrap Heap - The Life You Left Behind (11 songs; 22:19) - "Adhesion and I decided to collaborate on an album, and this is what came out -- a lot of variety, but an accessible release nonetheless. We worked by sending around tracks (drum tracks, synth, bass, etc.) made in various software programs, including a tracker I'd written the day before and was still working on during the album. Three songs have vocals. We didn't always follow the 'only work on one song at a time' rule, since we couldn't easily work on the same song at the same time. Also, the last track was finished a couple hours too late, though if you don't count it, we still meet the length requirement."

    Scrap Heap - Love Letters (30 songs; 13:47) - Scrap Heap can't stop churnin' 'em out: "I got in touch with my effeminate side to make this, definitely a softer album than usual. It's a series of synthstrumental tunes using only basic waveforms, with an emphasis on composition, rather than effects and instrumentation. Many of these were composed on my piano, and I got a lot of exercise running the flight of stairs between the computer and the piano. I started off too slow and got desperate at the end, thus the seven-second songs, but I saved enough time to make something decent for the 30th track at least."

    Scrap Heap - Smashing Potatoes (15 songs; 20:36) - "My 17th (16th solo). Sometimes I spend all day killing myself over what a crappy album I'm making -- my worst ever! -- and then at the end of the day I listen, and it isn't bad at all. This is one of those."

    Sleeping Giant - Triangle (9 songs; 37:23) - Sleeping Giant reports: "I thought that seeming as though I spend most of my spare time improvising music and messing around with music equipment, I'd have a go myself. This album was recorded in just over twelve hours yesterday (22nd August) using a few sampled drum machines from Audio Playground (, some free soft synths from a website called KVR audio, a guitar FX pedal, and an old digital 12 track machine that I use for all my recordings. The results are quite mad - a mixture of Krautrock and Brian Eno. See what you think. Hopefully I will be doing some more of these in the near future, but in different styles. Hopefully the next one will use acoustic instruments instead of electronic."

    dotCommunism - Music for Dying (8 songs; 20:51) - "Music for Dying is kind of a bizarre album. It's a concept album, with an emphasis placed upon the mood and theme of the work much more than upon any concept of musicality. As for that theme, Music for Dying was created on June 6, 2006 which was of course surrounded by all sorts of stupid hype as being the apocalypse or something like that. So, this album was created by taking this hype and creating a psychotic apocalyptic persona based around it and using this to create an industrial noise album, inspired by artists like Throbbing Gristle, Coil and Merzbow. Recommended tracks (as far as aesthetics go) include 'Amble', 'Last Day' and '23'."

    dotCommunism - With Gusto (6 songs; 21:03) - "With Gusto is my eighth aad, started at the end of July 2006 and finished early into August. This one's a deaf ear aad. With songs running from noise to 8-bit serialism, it's a rather eclectic collection. Recommended tracks include 'con brie' and 'con gusto'."

    dotCommunism - Kicking Ass Without a License (6 songs; 21:04) - "Kicking Ass Without a License is the ninth dotCommunism album-a-day from August 2006. It's sort of unique in that it lacks a strong gimmick, unlike the rest of my aads. The rather weak gimmick that this one has is that all of the songs have an electronic sound, although i'm not really sure how much i stuck to that. Recommended tracks include 'The Halcyon Days of World War Three', 'Pop Rocks and Napalm' and 'Magazine'."

    Adhesion - PROLIFIC (21 songs; 1:00:44) - Triple album marathon: "Another crazy summer project from me, this one is a combination of my 12th, 13th & 14th AADs, made on August 21st-24th. Somewhat along the lines of Opus Magnus except this one is a bit more rule-obeying (there's a few references to Opus Magnus included as well). Tracks 1-7 comprise day 1 and are a bit faster-paced than usual, 8-14 are from day 2 and are more ambient/downtempo and 15-21 day 3 and more akin to the first part. Decent amount of sampling among the strange IDM/techno/ambient with a little dub and jazz thrown in there for good measure. Recommended: Menachim, Knifin' Around, Dream-feeling, The Smell of Paint in the Summertime, Return of the Ninja."

    Vom Vorton - 10hrs in 20mins (12 songs; 20:51) - "Here's my first attempt at an album-a-day. It actually took me just under 10hrs, starting at about half nine in the morning and finishing around seven at night. I play all the instruments and recorded it alone in my bedroom on an otherwise dull Sunday. I celebrated by drinking whisky. Enjoy!"

    dotCommunism - Sic Semper (5 songs; 21:35) - "Sic Semper is my tenth album-a-day. This one wasn't really gimmicky. It's probably my most solid album-a-day so far. Of course, that can be attributed to the fact that i blatantly violated the album-a-day rules as my 24 hours were quite non-consecutive (spread over a 5 day period, actually), but it was completed in less than 24 hours. Recommeded tracks include 'Shot Dead on the Dance Floor', 'John Wilkes DJ Booth' and 'In the Book Depository of My Heart'." This is totally cheating! -5,000 points!

    Nathan Gabrish - My Inexperience is Your Experience (8 songs; 20:11) - "After having to cancel a hiking trip we decided to use the found time to make an attempt. We thought 20 minutes would be a breeze but it was harder than we thought. We did manage to make it though."

    Timmy the Tapeworm - Conversation (21 songs; 20:53) - "Was browsing the site & suddening got the urge to make a mash-up/plunderphonics/glitch release. No prior planning was involved; hadn't even heard the vocal files which were to be chopped-apart." Tracks are presented in the order of their creation.

    Scrap Heap - Save for Last (20 songs; 27:50) - I'm like Danger Will Robinson wrt Scrap Heap's album count. If I want to retain my crown I will have to get recording soon! Here's another: "For my September album-a-day, I tried something different. Every song is just my voice, a tapping on a table, and occasionally me playing my bell kit (a miniature xylophone). I did this all in about an hour and most of it is pretty embarrassing, but I like 'Mainly for Me', and 'No Time.'"

    Scrap Heap - Fixture (15 songs; 21:52) - Most of Scrap Heap's description consists of taunting me about my diminishing stature. He says only this in reference to the album: "(Ignore tracks 1-6 for AAD purposes; they are earlier failed attempts at AADs that I tacked on to the beginning of the release.)" Bonus EPs are totally welcome.

    hawaii8 - struppo lux (7 songs; 25:05) - "hello, this is mine a.a.d., completed in 8 hours. I have recorded sounds for 1 hour, in 5 hours I have created the songs, 1 hour for mixing... the time remained for the cover. I hope to make other discs with this technique, has been a lot amusing."

    Glenn Case - Just So You Know (7 songs; 20:02) - Glenn Case is back! "So, I started this Album-a-day at 11 A.M. on Sunday, December 17th, 2006. The songs were fully wrapped up by 4 A.M. on Monday, December 18th, 2006. I barely made the minimum deadline of 20 minutes of music, but every song is a fully produced song with live drums, live instrumentaion and in most cases multiple harmony vocals. Special thanks to Justin Combustion for laying down the drums for 'Stapler', 'You Don't Have to Stay', and 'I Can Not Function' before either of us had a clue what the songs were going to be about."

    Rob Loughran - Boxing (10 songs; 24:56) - "Just an idea for an album I had after seeing your site. The album's very rough, recorded using a practise amp, my guitar and audacity only (as well as one sample of commentary from a boxing match in the last track) but I think theres some interesting sutff on it." Rough is A-OK, Rob!

    Andre was here at midnight - Let me paint you yesterday & tomorrow (8 songs; 20:24) - "Could not let 2006 pass by, without me doing a single album-a-day. I been meaning to do one for months, but recording has been the last thing on my mind recently. I was trying to summaries stuff that happened to me in 2006 and the plans for 2007. Did't really come out the way I wanted, but man was it fun. I had forgotten how fun these things are to make. My best album-a-day up to day."

    Arthur Kamst - Silence (7 songs; 20:58) - "This is Silence, my ninth AAD. Don't know what to think of it yet, or if I like it."

    Fuze - Saturday Night Jam 01-07-2006 (10 songs; 74:52) - "Fuze is a modern electric jazz-rock band that does a weekly show called the Saturday Night Jam. We typically do an 'Album a day' each week! We do sometimes work on written material or jams we had done before but this weeks podcast of the jam done on 01/07/2006 was all original spontaneous imrpvisations and was mixed down within the 24 hour period making it an 'Ablum a Day' candidate." Conveniently available as a single MP3 of all 10 songs.

    By Any Means Necessary - A Festivus Miracle (7 songs; 21:35) - "Our first album-a-day. We started writing December 23rd, 2006 at 2:30 pm and finished December 24th at 1:58 pm. It includes songs ranging from 80's heavy metal to lounge jazz. Not to toot our own horn (actually, yes it is), but we've got a few top-notch songs in the mix here." This is the desired outcome! Toot away!

    Andrew Reist - Wordless Music (8 songs; 23:30) - Andrew says: "This is my first AAD, and it turned out to be all instrumental. No jamming though, since I play everything you hear. It's definitely grown on me as time has gone on, and I hope you can enjoy it too."

    kandt - Happy Birthday Jon Scolnik (12 songs; 26:21) - "Mate Jon was having a birthday party. We'd been talking about making music for a while but not gotten around to it. We braved Thom's technical nightmares, gathered a banjo, bass, jew's harp, harmonica, computer, dictaphone and kazoo and finished in 20 hours. Kristina's first music making fiasco. Oh, and Thom hadn't actually met Jon Scolnik which made it all the more interesting. We dig the eclectic nature of this album - Play School-esque rhymes, rap, artwank, old timer banjo (K's learnin'), Tuvan stylee throat singing and more!"

    ClaudiusMaximus - Forty Words For Snow (5 songs; 22:34) - Regular ClaudiusMaximus was inspired as follows: "it was cold and my gas bill was large."

    Cliff Corbin - Broken Like You (7 songs; ~20:00) - "I recorded this, my first demo, between 2 and 5 AM on my digital camera. I have 7 songs on there, with an intro from Ferris Buelers Day Off and a poem i wrote. Fudgin your rules a little, but i "Stumbled" upon this page and thought i might aswell, seeing as i just made it. Email me with your thoughts" This is probably the first one recorded on a digital camera. Good show. One zip file.

    Joshua Peterson - Living Proof (6 songs; 21:27) - Joshua says: "My very first album-a-day. I had been planning to do one for months and just woke up one afternoon and decided to do it. This is definitely not the best of what I can do with music; most of my albums take months to produce, mix, and master. I wanted to get some emotions and feelings off my chest that have been making my life a little difficult. I completed the project in about 12 hours, but around 90% completion, I was in a lot of pain from a bad dinner choice and ended up spending 2 hours in bed trying to rest it off. I did finish the project though, with around 9 hours or so to spare - so I used them to sleep. I had originally planned to do an intro, interludes, and an outro, along with more songs, but after getting sick, I kind of gave up on that idea. There's always next time..."

    Scrap Heap - Upside Down and Sideways (10 songs; 23:54) - An oldie that somehow did not make it on the site: "This is a deaf ear noise album. Most of it was made by mixing together short snippets of popular music with randomly modulated pitches and filtering and stuff. This has some real stinkers, but 'Departure City' and 'A Triple Whammy' are pretty good."

    Scrap Heap - Decent (10 songs; 20:10) - Graue says, "For a change of pace, on this album, I recorded vocals for every song. Some are full-fledged verse/chorus songs (Pretend Like It Didn't Happen, Glutton, Your Way, Raucous Caucus), others have a sung or spoken loop (Self-Righteousness Has Killed Me, Because It's Winter, You Can't Win, The Straightest Path), and a couple only use a few words as a sample (Oil Spill, Unrestrained). I threw in a bad remix as a bonus track. Recommended: The Straightest Path, You Can't Win, Your Way, and Oil Spill."

    Nick Perez - Not Art (17 songs; 20:36) - "This was made in 14 hours. I would have spent longer on it to improve the quality, but unfortunately I live in a small apartment and can't use my speakers during late hours, so I was cut a bit short. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out." Not Art huh? I know some people at Crap Art Manifesto headquarters who'd like to have a word with you on that one...

    Anthony (Drew) Schwickerath - AAD 20070209 | Cobwebs (11 songs; 20:51) - "This is my first AAD, recorded between 2015, 9 Feburary 2007 and 2000, 10 February 2007. I just barely squeaked in. Songs vary from punk to pop to folk to ambient. There is also a blog with blow-by-blow recording notes for each track."

    Scrap Heap - System That Often Fails (7 songs; 20:53) - The irrepressible Scrap Heap says: "This time I came up with an album that's one half haunting electro-industrial songs with vocals, and the other half experiments with noise and ambience. Due to technical difficulties, a busy schedule, and pushing myself too far out of my comfort zone with a kind of music I've never done before, this is my best album ever. Also, unrelated to all that, I took more than 24 hours because I'm slow. Recommended: 'Lock Me Up'." More than 24 hours, whaa? -1,000 points, bam!

    Mr Truffle - 10:03pm (12 songs; 21:15) - Graue reports on Mr Truffle's behalf: "My friend Mr Truffle recorded this AAD way back in May 2006, but only now have we managed to get it formally released on our netlabel. It's a blend of acoustic guitar playing with electronic beats, noise, and dissonance, but not all at once... some songs only have the guitar playing and some only have the electronic stuff. I think this is a real AAD success story. It came out awesome."

    Nubsy - Hint of Ocean (12 songs; 30:19) - Nubsy says: "This is the sequence that I recorded them in. I started at 12:01 AM and finished at 11:00 PM. you can hear my voice start out quiet, get a little stronger during the day, then start sounding tired again. I liked doing this a lot, it brought me back to days when you used to just hit record and see what happened."

    Kim o' the Concrete Jungle - Drift (9 songs; 23:14) - "The hardest part of this for me was pulling the all-nighter to get it finished. I have learned that 4 AM is not the time of day when you're at your most productive. Still, I did it. If this sounds a bit polished for a Crap Art project, it's because I didn't have to write the patches on my amp modelers in that same 24 hours. ;-)"

    moogba - Neon (11 songs: 20:23) - "Neon was created entirely with free software synthesizers of various types and recorded in Audacity. As an additional rule, all synth sounds and patches used were also created from scratch in the 24-hour period. No external keyboards were used: everything here is made from sequencers inside the programs, minor edits or effects within Audacity, or by using a program that makes the PC keyboard a virtual MIDI controller. The only thing used in the making of this album that cost money was the laptop the software ran on. Favorite tracks are "The Light And The Fire," "Neon," and "High Esteam." There are a couple of weak tracks, but overall I'm pretty happy with this album. Neon was made from 2:00 PM St. Patrick's Day 2007 to 2:00 PM Sunday the 18th."

    The All-Ducking Tweedlebirds - Not Optimistic (12 songs; 22:08) - "The All-Ducking Tweedlebirds recorded 'Not Optimistic' in 18 hours on March 31, 2007. It is their first AAD. Mostly, the style is instrumental hip-hop, with guest verses from Jared Malsin and Eric Phetteplace a.k.a. Nebuchadnezzar."

    ClaudiusMaximus - Incidents At Sea (16 songs; 44:22) - "Sort of a concept album about a maritime disaster, only the concept came after all the audio was recorded and edited and I had to think up names for the tracks. Made mostly with distortions, delays, and filters; with the routing networks edited on the fly. Recording only finished when I filled my hard disk and the program crashed."

    roAE - Quickies (14 songs; ~40:00) - roAE writes: "bleak apparently - NOTES: All of these tracks were recorded straight off the mixer with little or no mastering. The emphasis here is on the diversity, and not the recording techniques (or the spelling 'apparently'). This is a record, as in a recording of two people in a room playing music. The way it used to be. Jack Justice sings lead on Sack Blues. He also plays rhythm gtr on it. Tristin Morin plays the blast solo on Pump it Up and the chorus guitars on Oh Death. Nichoals Viltrakis plays all bass and drums on all tracks. Olas Viltrakis plays all guitars except where otherwise noted. Also I have noticed that the ablum cover has misspelled 'apparently' but I am not going to change it. It kinda makes me laugh."

    Feldspar - Hidden Powers of the Marshmallow Men (11 songs; 20:32) - Feldspar writes of his seventh effort: "This one was a collaborative effort with my roommate and good friend. I ate 27 marshmallows during the recording process. That is a LOT of marshmallows."

    Michael and the G2s - LoFi Abortion (9 songs; 22:19) - Michael says: "This is my first attempt at an album, let alone an AAD. It took me from 12:41am until 8ish pm on Mother's Day, 2007. It was all recorded on a boombox to tape and not edited at all. (Thats the way I like it!) I could't digitize the songs in Stereo for some reason though. The only track that really lost because of this is 'Vibraphone,' but I think thats ok. My favourite tracks are: 'Singing Songs' - A song about the types of songs one can sing. 'Vibraphone' - An instromental song that a friend equated to being in the Twilight Zone. 'Loveland' - My best attempt at a Sufjan Stevens rip-off, about the town I've spent the last 14 years of my life living in."

    Bolie Folke - Mistakes Make Music (11 songs; 21:11) - "I broke the rules if you include the first track, but the rest of the album qualifies. It was recorded and completed within about an 8 hour span (in 3 hours if you exclude the last 2 songs) using Audacity and basic recording equipment. The quality is definitely raw but listenable, but lacks commercialized processing (lo-fi). All songs were either purely improv and written on-the-spot, or I prepared a chord sequence in less than the length of the recording time (except for 'The Road'). I used only acoustical instruments and vocals. Any overdubbing was done blindly."

    Neil McDougall - Jovian Motorcycle (1 song; 20:48) - "Recorded as a solo electric guitar piece - done with a Line 6 Variax through a Line 6 Pod XT Live on the 'Boutique Combo' preset with the preset's delay pedal active, which gave me a nice rhythmic delay to play around with. I just jammed for about 20 minutes and stopped eventually, changed a couple of settings here and there as I performed. There's some annoying digital distortion in there, but what the hell, it's not supposed to be perfect eh?" No indeed.

    GERT 3000 - Simon brings Beer (11 songs; 51:41) - "The Album was recorded at Radio Radius Studio on 03/05/07. It was Elektrotransmitter broadcast with bontempi 5 playing minimal records. The tracktitles tell the story of this evening. We faced a lack of beer, but onkel simon (aka deemage) was helping us out. aunderwex was also there."

    Andre was here at midnight - Heart Songs and Weirdness (8 songs; 21:59) - Andre says: "First Album-A-Day for 2007. I had to force myself to finish this one. Mostly created to record my new 12 string and mandolin, as well as to goof around trying to play a bunch of other instruments, i have no idea how to play."

    Spandex Jellybeans - Watermelon (13 songs; ~21:00) - "The first AAD by Spandex Jellybeans (and the second by Anthony Schwickerath) and was recorded starting the evening of 25 May 2007. This is what happens when someone with a Masters of Music (Jessica) and a self-taught musician/hack (Anthony) record an album. Quirky rock music."

    Agargara - I am an Angry Man with Angry Hands (6 songs; 20:35) - "This has breakbeats, singing, and ambience, but I wouldn't classify it under any of those genres. I actually only spent about 7 hours making it, but by that time I was so tired of sitting in front of my computer with only brief bathroom breaks that I couldn't bring myself to do anymore. Track 2 extensively steals material from other songs, sorry. Track 6 features poetry by the esteemed poet Davidia Kartina"

    Heuristics Inc. - A Flash in the Pan (5 songs; 21:38) - "This second Heuristics Inc. Album-A-Day project was recorded on 17 June 2007, beginning at 11:00AM and finishing at 12:30AM or so, making it a 13.5-hour recording project. It contains five songs, two of which have vocals, two of which are improvisations, and the last is a lyric-less vocal track. This one isn't a concept album, but it was still a lot of fun to record, and very tiring."

    2 guys and a Fez - We like Music (11 songs; 21:32) - Facts: "This album was made a long while back, probably about 4 years or so, at least. Its mainly shite, but we found it funny at the time. It was recorded using 5 mic balanced in a box of lego. No, that isn't an excuse for how bad it is, but it almost sounds like one. The album was recorded and thought up in one afternoon, and took about 4 hours to record, not including breaks for cheese toasties."

    King Arthur - For Dummies (6 songs; 25:14) - "Started on 7/4/07, and mixed the next morning (within 24 hours), 'For Dummies' is the second AAD by King Arthur, another songfight! regular. The songs are all full recordings (although with a drum machine rather than real drums), done on a 16-track digital machine."

    One!-Two!-Three!-Four! - Negative Eight (11 songs; 25:50) - "We are two french guys. One went to the other one's house with his guitar. The other had a lot of little instruments. In 7 hours, we made this 25 minutes long improvisation, overdubbed it, mixed it, named it and finished it, with no break during this time. Sounds like a happy experimental improvisation to the sun."

    Comfy Slippers - 24 (10 songs; 34:49) - "This is our first AAD! We decided to do one to test our creativity & because we just love the concept. We began at 1 second past midnight on Friday 3rd August 2007 and finished at approx 22:30 hours the same day. It went surprisingly smoothly... all tracks were basically written by 4am and then recorded over the next 12 hours. This left us plenty of breathing space to make final adjustments and then mix & master. We tried to play as many different instruments as possible including electric guitar, acoustic, 12 string, mandolin, banjo, bass, keyboards, drum machine & various percussion. Would be delighted if anybody listened to it - enjoy!!!"

    mister apache - live in springfield graveyard 23 (1 songs; ~38:00) - "this is the first time amwagm ever played together in their current incarnation as well as the first appearance of the name. amwagm is angelic moth with a gas mask."

    Lord of Oats - Start With a Shower (6 songs; 24:31) - "I started out knowing that I would have to break for work, and then for sleep, but I decided to go for it, anyway, as the spontaneity of my decision seemed to fit the tenets of the movement quite well, having discovered AAD only an hour before I began. I decided I ought to clean up a bit before beginning, and that's the origin of the title. I begun at midnight, and was attracted to the novelty of doing an album within only one calendar day. Therefore, the album was recorded exclusively on the day of August 7, 2007. I woke up in the afternoon, to a party of three insisting that I go play tennis with them. I tried to resist; I said, 'But I've an album to finish!' 'Nonsense,' they contended. And I really can't say no, anyway. And as I've said on my page, my health must come before my art, because one depends on the other, so I cannot resist a rare opportunity for an aerobic workout consisting of good friends and I playing a sport I cherish. By the time we'd finished and I'd showered again, there was not a great deal of time left, but we beat the twenty minutes anyway. So, uh, I hope you understand the circumstances, and if you take off points on my first entry, I'm probably just going to get depressed, and probably not in the way that leads to good music. So uh, have fun listening, if possible. The only song that really gets one of those heart things is 'Do It', the only vocal song. Oh, by the way, 'Spring Break Pittsburgh 2006 wooo' is officially one of my top twenty favorite songs of all time, and everyone I show it to seems to like it to." OK great! Why do I need to take off points for your compulsive showering? That is totally legal.

    Matthew O'Malley and Alan Wlikis - 24HR Cemetary (7 songs; 20:30) - "In order to keep ourselves honest with the spirit of the project, we took a non-geographic location suggestion from Alan's roomate. The suggestion was 'Cemetary.' Styles include dance, gospel, country, and sound art. All recorded at Alan's place in NYC. Our first AAD. Looking forward to doing many more!"

    Phonetag - Phonetag (4 songs; ~22:00) - "We made it in about an hour. Max played a toy drum. All of the songs were improvised. Most of them are quite long-winded."

    The Plural Nouns - A Suddent Burst of Static (2 songs; ~24:00) - "Made in two ten minute chunks, recorded on different days (but still within the same 24-hour period). On the first side Nick played Max's ghettotastic Yamaha keyboard and Max played found percussion. On the second side Max instead used a djembe. The first side features percussion provided by the keyboard, while the second does not."

    Deep September - A man standing in the road facing the wrong way (9 songs; 20:42) - "Wanted to do an 'Album-a-Day' for some time, and finally got the chance a while ago. What I ended up with wasn't perfect, but it was an interesting creative process, and the end result is different from the sort of stuff I usually write. Perhaps it's because I forced myself to record ideas with a few of them I would usually just have forgotten about. Will be interesting to see what other people actually think of this :D'

    The Uber-Massive Kamikaze Ballroom Disaster Vs. The Crap Brown Detectives - Space Heroin (19 songs; 20:18) - "Jeffrey and I (George) had a blast embarking on our first Album-A-Day. We've attempted collaborating many times prior, but always became distracted or frustrated. We were both VERY excited when we found about this project and it did indeed enable us to actually finish something we started. Our dear friend Chicken Frampton (who urges to remain unknown) aided us with vocals and lyrics on a few songs... and enough rambling... LISTEN! ENJOY! GIVE FEEDBACK WITH SOUL!"

    Juice Box - I Love Science (14 songs; 21:08) - Juice Box says: "My first AAD (and album) ever. Written and recorded in 14 hours, it's a hodgepodge of all different kinds of things."

    The Power of Zon - Aquatic Sunbeam (12 songs; 20:10) - "This AAD was made in about 13 hours in Leipzig, Germany. It is more a mix of different music genres (parodies!) and languages than a balanced album. But nevertheless we like the result. Ah yeah, please keep in mind: the lyrics might be explicit. Members: Henning Bulka, Jakob Schorch"

    Åbäke - Dagar (AAD) (6 songs; 20:12) - "Done in less than 12 hours this electromashup shows some of my musical sides. Starting from the intro 'Dag ett' with arpeggiators that sounds like The Postal Service and drums like early Aphex Twin, through 'Du vet vad du vet' where people for the first time will hear my voice (as a musician that is.. well, kind of) and to more childish beats like 'Smak' that sounds like the intro for a classic tv-show in Sweden - called 'Ika i rutan'. My weapon of choice is Ableton Live backed up by the M-audio Axiom 25 and the Evolution UC33e as best friends. Lyrics in Swedish (even if I doubt that even the swedes can understand what I am saying..)"

    transient - Quietest EP (5 songs; 20:54) - "The entire 'Quietest EP' was conceived, composed, and recorded in 4 hours on the morning of May 12th, 2007 and released later that afternoon."

    Nathan (aka Paunch) - Brave New (11 songs; 24:48) - "Recently I stumbled onto your album-a-day site; it inspired me to place all my musical skills in a burlap sack and then beat them with various blunt objects over an aurally difficult 24 hour period. The extended interrogation session caused my creative talents to wail in pitiful agony afterwards for approximately 20 minutes using crap guitar skills, a weak voice and a harmonica as mediums to communicate a riven soul's despair. Fortunately I managed to record the wail of unmelodious agony and would appreciate it if you posted a link to the carnage on your magnificent yet comfortable website."

    Echo Root - Zen Junk: Volume I (1 song; 23:09) - "This is my first AAD, completed in about 3 1/2 hours, and I plan on releasing many, many more. I find that the AAD and Crap Art concepts mesh well with the Zen Guitar philosophy I have adopted. Thanks for the idea and the inspiration."

    Tapey and the Stick-Notes - Table Scraps (14 songs: 20:06) - "We started this at 5AM Friday morning and finished this at 12:30AM Saturday morning. This CD consists of many of my friends and I. You can hear me playing most of the guitar lines. We went into this with great dreams, and we left with tracks which, I believe, will be remembered forever. I hope you enjoy some of these tracks, though they may be a little bland in respect to your rocking tunes \m/ \m/!!!! My favorites would have to be 'Things Your Mother Hears at Night' and 'Salem, My Love'. I really hope you enjoy, and you can expect more from us in the future."

    Patrick and Logan Rathbone - Diet Coke (11 songs; 25:07) - "This is our first Album-a-day project, one that has been very long overdue. As we have been holding back our creative juices for some time now, this entire album burst into place in only 13 hours. With several recurring themes, and several inside jokes, this album was a greater success for us personally than we ever thought it would be. We hope you enjoy drinking Diet Coke!"

    Jordan Cayer + Joel Simard - On the Spot (20 songs; ~43:00) - "A 100% Improvised Effort completed in less than 24 hours from 5:30 Dec. 29th to 4:00 Dec. 30th. All songs were created by with Jordan playing guitar and Joel singing for the majority of the songs (except ukelele ones). But until the moment that the record button was pressed no ideas of how the song would was created. And for the record, this album is 25% Ukulele!!!"

    The Tiny Tims - Division Of Labor (6 songs; 21:20) - "Strictly speaking, we broke the rules up front. We took sleep breaks. We took breaks to feed the beasties. We took a break for Matt's radio show. We took a break to visit with a storyteller friend. However, Matt was scrupulous about keeping track of time, and we were right on schedule till the laptop started to crap out in the middle of mixing Track 3. Damn! We kept at it, but ran out time, and I completed the mixes earlier today, trying to stay inside our original time budget of forty-seven-point-five minutes per mix for the remaining songs. It was a near thing. I suspect we were about an hour over, including ripping and uploading the mixes." Sleeping and feeding the pets is legal, although we find it more amusing when you are sleep deprived. Going over is -1,000!

    Eric Boam / Trent Belnap - 12 26 27 07 (10 songs; 21:48) - Eric literally has no comment. - Fleas on Crabs on Fleas (17 songs; 29:24) - "Recorded in a midwestern art museum in a span of 5 & 3/4 hours, this album proves that diving boards were not invented by the same people that invented the swimming pool. Thus, dolphins are not who they say they are."

    Tom 7 - Exile on Atari ST (12 songs; 20:00) - Wow, you can tell I've been bad about posting submissions when I don't even post my own! I recorded this many months ago. It's got some good ones marked with hearts.

    If you complete an Album-a-Day, upload it to the internet and then let me know! I'd love to include more projects on this page.

    Remember, "A bad song is better than no song." All you have to do is do it!

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