In Many Houses & Trees

an album-a-day by Wum name - contact Wum
everything done 11:00am July 12th to 10:30am July 13th 2001

The Elves 1:29
drums, electric guitar, electric guitar, electric guitar, sings, sings, sings, electric guitar
This is my favourite one, maybe. It's rather creepy.
Sliding The Floor 1:44
drums, electric guitar, lap guitar
A slow, sparse, beautiful instrumental.
Running Like A Rabbit 0:54
electric guitar, sings, glasses
Hmm, a bit of a puzzle.
Warm, Wet, & Wonderful 2:07
drums, electric guitar, Pro One, recorder
This is the super-freestyle song of the album. Much swing and burble.
Broken Rez Synth 1:02
drums, bass guitar, electric guitar
The song had aspirations to be something much more interesting, but Rez Synth was broken that day.
Markets In Effect 1:33
drums, bass guitar, electric guitar, sings, sings, sings, sings
Album-A-Day hip hop at its very finest, no doubt.
Tember 2:01
drums, sings, sings, sings
Ugh, this one's a symptom of the no out-takes policy. I had to do something with the drums that I recorded, something unfortunate...
Skeletor Pro|24 1:24
drums, electric guitar, bass guitar, Buffer Override
The Letter 3 1:39
Waldorf Attack, JX10, JX10, ES1 eurobass
Neotechnology. Trying to keep a balance.
Twelve More Hours 1:24
acoustic guitar, sings
A metasong. Delicate and for you.
The Rest 1:40
drums, electric guitar, Jurassic Park
This does start to rock at the very end, if you're willing to wait.
Puerto Oscuro 0:51
drums, sings
We are voice and drum only.
Round Belly 1:22
drums, electric guitar, electric guitar, sings, sings
This is the first one that I finished that day. I don't know what I was thinking.
My Syringe 0:32
gum-irrigating syringe
Musique concrète, poorly executed (and conceived).
Ocean Hands 1:38
acoustic guitar, sings, sings, sings, piano
Our lovely closer, swimming in angelic choruses.